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Naufal Samudra Adiatma

Naufal Samudra Adiatma

BI Engineer

SawitPro | Jakarta


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Associate Data Engineer

My New Track

Data Engineer

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Database Design

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Data Engineer


Associate Data Engineer


ETL and ELT in Python


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SawitPro | Jan 2024 - Present

BI Engineer

Create DWH from scratch including ELT pipeline Monitor the performance of ELT process Integrate several data sources to DWH Develop datamarts for analysts Create Looker dashboards for executives
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GetPlus | Jul 2022 - Dec 2023

Data Warehouse Engineer

Functioned as Technical Project Manager on first 3 month Currently functioned as Data Analyst and Data Warehouse Engineer As a Data Analyst: - Handling analysis requests from users (Product, Partner Success and Engineering Department) - Create and maintain PowerBI reports for users - Create automated tasks in Linux VM via cronjob (alarm, automated daily / weekly email) As a Data Warehouse Engineer: - Work with Senior Data Analyst on data warehouse (RedShift) schema creation - Create and maintain ELT pipeline on dimension or fact tables (requested by other analysts for dashboarding / reporting purposes) - Create and maintain datamart for end user’s self service dashboarding in PowerBI Projects: - Data migration from SQL Server to MySQL using SSIS - Data pipeline from cloud Excel (Sharepoint) to RedShift vice versa using python script and run in Linux VM - Dashboards migration from Tableau to PowerBI

Aegisurance | Apr 2019 - Jul 2022

Business Partner


GoPay | Apr 2019 - Nov 2019

Fraud Data Analyst

- Monitoring anomaly transactions from Gopay payment. - Analyze & investigate fraud patterns. - Take action to prevent & detect fraud scenarios. - Create fraud rules to automate fraud detection in real time basis to reduce fraud activities. - Update weekly report regarding trend of fraud to stakeholders.

TunaiKita | Jul 2018 - Apr 2019

Fraud Data Analyst

Personal Project : 1. Develop data analysis method to detect fraud pattern and group fraudulent act efficiently - Fraud pattern used to enhance ML (Machine Learning) logic on preventing fraudulent act including fraud scoring - The data of fraudsters group used to update the blacklist of user 2. Develop a logic of fraud prevention to be implemented on ML (Machine Learning) - Based on fraud pattern found by data analysis - To prevent trending pattern and to forecast next fraud pattern 3. Contribute in developing Anti-Fraud Division's basic policy - Based on 4 pillars of fraud (Prevention, Detection, Investigation & Reporting, Monitoring & Evaluation) - Adding Criminological terms in crime prevention fields including crime prevention triangle, CRAVED and SCAREM on basic policy Daily Working: - Monitor real time queues and identify high risk applications. - Resolve queued suspected fraud applicants within the service level agreements to reduce potential losses. - Conduct investigations into allegations of fraud committed by applicants. - Ensure confidentiality of all information collected during investigation. - Determine existing fraud trends by analyzing fraud cases patterns. - Identify system improvements to prevent fraudulent activities. - Generate suspicious activity reports and risk management reports for Manager.

TunaiKita | Apr 2018 - Jul 2018

Identity Analyst

- Review applicant’s documents. - Entry applicant’s data. - Conduct phone verification to verify customer’s data and documents. - Maintenance data request reviewer. - Make sure all procedures are followed accordingly based on policy. - Coordinate collaborations with other departments.

Shopee | Oct 2017 - Apr 2018

Cross Border Operation Analyst


My Education

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Bachelor's degree, CriminologyUniversity of Indonesia | 2017

About Me

Naufal Samudra Adiatma

I'm a data warehouse engineer & analyst with a demonstrated history of working in financial technology industry. Skilled in SSIS, PostgreSQL, Amazon RedShift, MySQL, Python, DAX and PowerBI

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