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Sezin Sirin Hussan

Sezin Sirin Hussan

Sr.Data Scientist

BMW Financials/ WashU | California


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My New Workbook

A/B Test : Mindfullness App "Trial to Purchase" Conversion

My New Workbook

Predict CTR ✅ and Evaluate ROI 📈

Data lover, pondering the mysteries of existence through traditional statistics and AI.

My Work

Take a look at my latest work.


A/B Test : Mindfullness App "Trial to Purchase" Conversion


Fraud Detection: Feature Engineering and Next Steps


Stock Price Prediction (pmdarima 🚀 statsmodels)


Behavioral Customer Segmentation-RFM


Hop'N a History Tour: 🦕 & 🎥


Predict CTR ✅ and Evaluate ROI 📈


Sentiment Analysis&Prediction (NLP)


Machine Learning Experiments (MLflow)


Window Functions&Summary Statistics in SQL 🏅 Olympics Dataset 🌍


Evaluate your ML model using the F-score and Finding Optimal Threshold


My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

Stanford Online AI in Healthcare Specialization

Emeritus Applied Machine Learning

Co-Active Training Institute Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Washington University in St.Louis Graduate Certificate in Project Management (PM)

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

In Transition/ Freelance | Jan 2023 - Present

Senior Data Scientist

I bring strong programming skills with expertise in SQL, SAS, SPSS and Python alongside knowledge of Machine Learning & Experimentation in Marketing, Finance, Energy/Utility includes, but not limited to: Regression, Regularization, Binary/Multi-label Classification, Decision Tree, Ensemble Trees, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Recommendation Systems, Anomaly detection, Fraud detection in financial transactions and lending, Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction, Time-Series Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, Survey Design& Analysis, A/B Testing Experiment Design and Analyzing results, Bayesian Statistics, Customer Segmentation, Linear Classifiers (Logistic Regression, SVM, SGB), PCA, Image Classification, Text Analytics, Build& Deploy and Operationalize ML pipelines . At this point, I am preparing couple projects for my portfolio as well as I am expending my knowledge in Generative AI and LLMs as it is expending more than ever. I acquired knowledge in healthcare in AI through taking Stanford courses and contributing to research papers/presentations. If you're looking for someone who can transform complex data into meaningful insights that drive strategic decision-making while fostering a culture of continuous improvement and mentoring within your team – let's connect!
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BMW Financial Services | Sep 2018 - Dec 2022

Senior Data Scientist, Credit Risk

Projects that I worked on: Loss Forecasting Standard Risk Cost Predictions Default Predictions Price Predictions for financing Clustering (ex. risk groups, fraud customers) Customer Segmentation Economic Predictions through Covid Fraud detection Anomaly detection Propensity to pay A/B testing on ML projects Time Series Forecast

Ameren Corporation | Oct 2008 - Sep 2016

Senior Data Scientist, Forecasting

Served as a trusted data advisor by providing analytics, business intelligence, and modeling support to drive forecasting, financial and capacity planning, marketing initiatives, rate designs, and upper management requests. Created monthly and quarterly reports on economic outlooks and variance analyses. Presented data insights, studies, and strategies to non-technical audiences. • Improved all forecasting processes and their accuracies by 1%- 3% through data management. • Reduced load research process time from weeks to 12 minutes by leading an automation project in SAS. This approach eliminated data and human error, generated faster and more accurate results and created more resources for strategy development. • Shortened project durations by 2-3 weeks by designing and implementing new processes resulting in overwhelmingly positive feedback. • Achieved 100% accuracy of analyses, studies and data requests delivered to all the Illinois Commerce Commission approved rate cases worth $50 million to $137 million. • Presented Master’s thesis to bring C-suite's attention to the correlation between adoption of smart appliances and utilities that could be treated as a future revenue stream. Designed and conducted more than 250 surveys within the company produced data-driven research, and presented outcome and recommendations to upper management. • Utilized enhanced interpersonal skills to coordinate liaison activity between IT and business users for multiple data management projects through testing, giving feedback and communicating any change to bring system enhancements effectively. • Volunteered for various projects within Corporate Planning department to collaborate with other colleagues in order to increase my knowledge, strengthen my relationships and improve my utility business perspective.

Ege Seramik | Oct 2002 - Feb 2005

Marketing Research Analyst

Led content, development and distribution of marketing, sales, and promotional materials and activities. Assisted product managers with product development, market research and competition, production planning, pricing, sales and advertising strategies through data collection, advanced data analyses, and creative presentations. •Designed and administered customer satisfaction surveys by obtaining marketing intelligence about current and potential products and services that increased business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and profitability. •Played a change agent role during ISO: 9000 certification process by writing procedures, handling the resistance to change and managing requirements regarding the customer satisfaction part of the project that was the most critical factor to acquire this quality management standard. •Managed the content of advertisements, brochures, newsletters, catalogs, price lists, internal and external communications, websites, videos, travel organizations , dealer meetings, and trade shows. •Partnered with sales and accounting groups to analyze effectiveness of promotional programs and increase profitability.

Ege Seramik | Jul 2002 - Oct 2002

Marketing Intern

• Analyzed factors such as pricing, distribution, and product performance for each product group in the portfolio. • Prepared statistical reports and recommendations to product management and assisted with the development of plans for marketing.

Borusan Holding | Aug 2001 - Sep 2001

Human Resources Intern

• Provided assistance to Human Resources Specialists in the areas of employment, salary and benefits administration, and employee relations program and communications. • Examined and verified employee information processed by automated human resources systems(SAP). Observed candidate selection processes from beginning to end. • Compiled statistical information and helped to prepare reports relating to payroll, position classification, training, affirmative action utilizing HRIS systems.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

School of Engineering & Applied Science, Master of Information ManagementWashington University in St. Louis
Masters in Business Administration (MBA)Webster University
School of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Bachelor Science in in EconometricsMarmara Üniversitesi

About Me

Sezin Sirin Hussan

With 15 years of experience in Data Science, I've honed my skills in quantitative business analyses, sophisticated data modeling, and visualization. I have a passion for leveraging data to drive business value, revenue and performance.

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