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Wenjie Hu

Wenjie Hu

Data analyst

China Industrial Bank


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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Quantitative architect, designing solutions with numbers as building blocks.

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Introduction to Python

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China Industrial Bank(兴业银行股份有限公司)

Senior Data Analyst

• 8 out of 15 years worked in credit card center as a data analyst. • Knowledgeable with data analysis tools such as SAS, SQL, Python and Excel, etc. • As the only data analyst in the department,able to independently undertake data analysis work, and also good at teamwork. • Major projects completed include: 1. Worked with the team to model complaint propensity. Reduced the number of complaints by 8% by using the model. 2. Analyzed the behavior of complaining customers, found signs that complaining customers are different from ordinary customers, which provided leadership decision-making reference. 3. Analyzed hot words according to a large number of customer telephone text cases, established an operational early warning system. 4. Cleaned case data through python, which can be directly input into the system, reduced about 2 manpower costs.
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data scienceDataCamp | 2023
Master's degree, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics  · (2003 年 9Shanghai Finance University | 2006

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