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Gryphon Technologies, Inc | Jul 2021 - May 2023

System Engineer

Supporting IWS 80, Enterprise SSDS HW deliveries. • Facilitated deliveries of hardware to the Navy Ships for modernization of Ship Self Defense Systems (SSDS). • Collaborated on enterprise installations, training presentation, ECP tracking, and informedb database uploads
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US Navy | Oct 2020 - Jun 2021

Crisis Action Team Chief/ Sharepoint Coordinator

Mobilized to Active Duty to serve as 1 of 6 Crisis Action Team Chiefs for COVID reporting. Picked due to expertise in COVID Tracking experience and SharePoint knowledge. Assigned additional duty as SharePoint Coordinator for CNIC, due to OPNAV migration requirement from Email to SharePoint reporting. • Coordinated Daily Global COVID Sharepoint updates for all navy installations for regular reporting to CNO. • Established reporting standards and POAM for correcting SharePoint deficiencies. • Regularly held two meetings a week with 10 Navy regions across the world from late October to late November, reducing reporting errors in cases from 20% to 1%. • Disestablished meetings after goals met but continue to maintain the best/ lowest late reporting rate of 0.1% for Echelon II Commands reporting to OPNAV. (number of active cases > 30 Days without an update/ total cases)

Serco | Aug 2018 - Oct 2020

Team Lead 2.2

Special Projects Hand Picked by SEA21 RDML Anderson set up COVID impacts analysis and case tracking team for SEA21 enterprise, reporting directly to RDML Anderson daily. • After getting the program running in two weeks, handed off leadership to retired Navy Captain. Then went to support CNIC for 3 week mobilization. • When returning took over COVID Case tracking for all of SEA21 daily cases, including weekends on top of regular duties. ***Promoted to from Military Analyst III to IV in Jan 2020*** Hand Picked by SEA21 Chief of Staff to be 1 of 5 people who initiated SEA21 War room project over Christmas Holiday from DEC 15th, 2019 to Jan 30th 2020 • RDML Anderson projects to map out all of SEA21 initiates designed to meet CNO reduction and eventual elimination of Delayed Maintenance Days (DMD). • Worked for directly for CNRMC daily to setup and manage information networks for data submissions. • Group presented project results to several VIPs including NAVSEA 00, Industry C-Level executives and an Undersecretary of Defense. Primary Job - Manager for all 8 Ship Manager Supports (SMS) and 4 other supports for PMS 407 Execution. - Clients are the CRUDES and MAAC Principle Assistant Program Manager (PAPM) for PMS 407. · Through my SMS team, I am responsible for constructing and drafting all Letter of Authorization Milestones for non-nuclear surface ship CNO Availabilities and delivering them to their respective ship managers. This includes corresponding with upwards of 2000 Different Participating Acquisition Resource Managers (PARMs). · Created a new formal training instruction (40 Pages), complete with step by step instructions for all products and procedures required of SMSs. - Conduct Interviews for new hires and recommend hiring or turnover as necessary to Task Lead.

CJTF-OIR | Jun 2017 - Jul 2018

Partner Forces Assessments Lead Analyst

Mobilized to Active Duty to serve on a 3-star General's Staff for OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE. -Serves as a senior assessment analyst for CJ5 Strategy and Plans. -Contributed to the assessment development of the campaign military plan in coordination with Air Force, Army and Special Operations staffs in 10 different countries and coalition partners from Canada, Europe and Australia. • Planned and orchestrated a cross-directorate team to assess progress of the major operation to militarily defeat ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The operation kicked off with catastrophic success getting 6 months ahead of schedule, in part due to the assessments. • Oversaw the completion of four regular reports to of the Joint Fires staff structure and functions in both Iraq and Kuwait. • Created and maintained liberated population data for Iraq and Syria, this data was ultimately presented to the President of the United States, and used in his State of the Union Speech in 2018.

Alion Science and Technology | Jun 2015 - Jun 2017

Sr. Military Analyst

Sr. Military Analyst aiding in the modernization of the US Navy Surface fleet. Responsible for coordinating transition of new technology from prototype to low rate and full rate production into surface ships. Previously a strong emphasis on green energy/cost saving technologies and small business initiative transition to standard navy procurement contacts.

Schlumberger | May 2013 - Jan 2015

Wireline Field Engineer

multi-million dollar mobile logging suite to gather wellbore data for major and minor oil and gas companies. Schlumberger maintains a high focus on data quality while minimizing time taken to accomplish jobs to ensure customer satisfaction superior to that of our competitors. ➢ Led a crew in wireline open hole logging operations, responsible for all preparations to include weakpoint tension maximums and minimums as well as other important oil well and logging tool criteria. ➢ Maintained a strong focus on data quality as well as minimized time taken to accomplish jobs to ensure customer satisfaction. Consistently performed at the highest level as evidenced by evaluations. ➢ Tools Experienced with: • Neutron density, thermal and epithermal • Conductivity and Resistivity • FMI and Micro Inductivity • Ultrasonic • Sonics (including pre-frac evaluations) • Optical cable mapping • Magnetic resonance PEPTEC – 0 & 1 / 2 JUN-SEP 2013 / AUG 2014 ➢ Completed initial three-month and intermediate two-week Schlumberger training in various wireline tools. ➢ Excelled as one of two class leaders, selected by the instructor to lead the final logging evaluation. Organized and led several job preparation plans for the entire class.

US Navy | Jul 2011 - Jul 2012

Damage Control Director

members during emergency incidents that caused damage to the ship or crew. This includes but is not limited to: buoyancy and stability of the ship, maintenance and repair of installed Fireman, AFFF, Halon Systems and portable systems. - Managed the training and qualification in Damage Control of the ship’s crew, 230 personnel. - Directed the entire ship in all battle and surface survivability incidents and drills, including Major Conflagrations and Major Flooding. -Tagout Program Manager -Industrial Hygiene Program Manager -Engineer Department Training Manager

US Navy | Feb 2010 - May 2011

Reactor Mechanical Division Officer

- Responsible for installing, testing, and maintaining an $800M Reactor Mechanical Suite, including nearly all of the primary and secondary support systems, the Reactor Fill system, and the state-of-the-art plant parameters and main engine control system. - Successfully led teams of mechanics in the operation and troubleshoot and repair of level 1 parts in primary and secondary systems for a 550 MW Reactor suite. - Extent of responsibilities include using technical manuals and engineering expertise in diagnosing root cause of casualties, coordinating with vendor in developing repair strategies, compiling formal work packages, supervising repair of component, and formulating and performing operational retests. - Accountable for proper training and qualification of 30 nuclear mechanics. - Supervised the initial casualty controls for a secondary system sea water leak. Ensured the successful repair and subsequent contractor final repairs for the ruptured piping. - Supervised the completion of over 500 complex maintenance evolutions involving Quality Assurance, Radiological Controls and Electrical Safety to include review and approval of Formal Work Packages.

US Navy | Feb 2010 - May 2011

Propulsion Plant Watch Officer

- Utilized nuclear power and engineering expertise in the proper, safe operation of a pressurized water reactor plant (PWR), without incident over a span of more than 2000 hours of operation on board the Navy’s most advanced aircraft carrier. - Led a watch team of 23 in steam and reactor plant startups including cold iron startups and casualty recovery startups. - Spearheaded the integrated operation and testing of electrical distribution systems, electronic control circuitry, chemistry and radiological analysis systems, and high energy fluid and mechanical systems. - Entrusted with authorization and approval authority for complex work permits for electrical and mechanical integrated systems.

US Navy | Mar 2007 - Dec 2008

Electronic Warfare Manager

- Managed operation of the ship’s technologically advanced Electronic Jamming and Surveillance Systems. - Managed a division of 10 personnel in daily maintenance, operation and administration of electronic surveillance, attack and defense for a 40,000 Ton Amphibious warship. - As a qualified Officer of the Deck, supervised ship operations while underway. - Highly recommended Ensign for Department Head advancement. - Personally responsible for accountability of all chaff ordnance with zero discrepancies. - Planned and coordinated timely repairs to $2 million dollar jamming suite, including a ship alteration prior to a major deployment.

My Education

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Junior OFS Engineer, Wireline Open HolePEPTEC-1 | 2013
Officer CurriculumDamage Control Director School (DCSE) | 2011
Engineering Officer of the WatchNuclear Prototype Training Unit Charleston (NPTU) | 2010
Naval Nuclear Power OfficerNaval Nuclear Power Training Command (NNPTC) | 2009
Bachelor of Science (B.S.), PhysicsBoston College | 2006

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