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Shubham Patidar

Shubham Patidar

Data Analyst

Tesla Motors | California


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My Work

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GitHub - Shubhamxpatidar/Wine_Database-SQL-


NN_Image_classifier-/Presentation.pdf at main · Shubhamxpatidar/NN_Image_classifier- · GitHub


Prediction_HeartDisease Using Machine Learning

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

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Tesla | Aug 2023 - Present

Data Analyst

Analyzed data from 55,000 residential solar systems from Caspian data lake using MSSQL and Jupyter notebook, identifying and resolving issues efficiently • Leveraged Tesla Energy's extensive database, strategically combining relevant tables, and employing Python to create signal graphs for comprehensive system performance analysis, incorporating signals, historical data, and neighboring systems' production data • Quickly adapted to new technology, actively contributing to automation efforts and the resolution of system issues, demonstrating a rapid learning curve and adaptability • Ensured meticulous management of documentation and financial transactions, maintaining accuracy for payment guarantees based on analyzed system performances and policies
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Amazon | Aug 2017 - Mar 2019

Risk Analyst

• Accomplished onboarding of 15000 plus sellers on Amazon platform leveraging tools Anti-money Laundering, Jupiter, Salesforce, Seller Central, and Lexis Nexis for protecting customer's trust • Supervised automation of seller boarding process by providing new approach with ML models to optimize onboarding process and minimizing cross teams communication, from 6 to 3 • Tabulated weekly reports for seller onboarding to stakeholders, involving significant loopholes in rejection of cases and possible solutions to increase approval percentage helped marketing program teams • Trained & mentored 6 investigators during ramp-up phase and tracked productivity metrics for progress, liaised with business team for APOB process, guided peers with new ideas for innovative methods • Increased first-time seller approval by 43% by streamlining communication between seller & business teams, acknowledging leading principles such as ownership' and invent and simplify • Proposed and programmed leave tracker using Spreadsheet, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, helping team to calculate shrinkage and apply leaves under SLA

ADS Technology | Apr 2015 - Sep 2015

Software and Network Engineer

Underwent implant training in real time concepts of software and networking domain. Completed a work project on website designing for shopping. Gained experience in process development and process maintenance.

My Education

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Master of Science - MS, Data Analytics Engineering  · (September 2021 - AprilNortheastern University | 2023
Bachelor of Technology - BTech, Computer ScienceSRM University | 2017

About Me

Shubham Patidar

About As an Energy Data Analyst at Tesla, I contribute to the company's mission of accelerating the world towards a sustainable future by handling vast amounts of data from residential solar systems.

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