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Rohit Singh

Rohit Singh

Software Engineer

Intel | India


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Intro to Python for Data Science (edX 1.1)

Analytical innovator, pushing the boundaries of what data can reveal.

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Intro to Python for Data Science (edX 1.1)


Intro to Python for Data Science (edX 1.2)


Intro to Python for Data Science (edX 2.1)


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My Work Experience

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Intel Corporation | Jun 2022 - Present

Software Engineer

Work on enabling and validating the latest deep learning models on Intel's Gaudi accelerator hardware.
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Legato Health Technologies | Nov 2020 - Mar 2022

NLP Software Engineer

As a part of the Cognitive AI team, I was responsible for improving in‑house NLP and machine learning models, and moving them into production. Apart from supervised learning I worked on some semi-supervised learning approaches e.g. SimCSE, SCAN loss, etc as well. Also, I created a semantic search Python module for efficiently identifying relevant medical keywords from a large medical corpus.

Zycus | May 2020 - Nov 2020

Machine Learning Engineer, NLP

Being part of the Product Development Team (PDT-1) at Zycus, I worked on sample efficient information extraction models to extract relevant information from news articles and legal documents that have been deployed and used by Zycus's clients. Also, I architected and deployed a multi-node Elasticsearch cluster to visualize the massive amount of text data using Kibana.

Paperspace | Mar 2020 - Present

Technical Content Writer

Write technical blog posts explaining personal deep learning based projects.

Infosys | Dec 2018 - May 2020

Systems Engineer

As a Systems Engineer, I was part of the iCETS unit (R&D division of Infosys) where my primary role was to design POCs for computer vision and NLP tasks using the latest state of the art research in these domains. I worked majorly on the latest deep neural architectures and models like seq2seq networks, transformers, and GPT2, BERT, YOLOv3, RCNN networks respectively. During my tenure, I developed end to end neural object detection and text summarization POCs which are being used by Infosys and its clients. I was also awarded the Best Debutant Award for the year 2019 in iCETS unit.

IIT Gandhinagar | May 2016 - Jul 2016

Research Intern

Performed Exploratory and Descriptive Data Analysis on past 10 years of educational data of Gujarat, using dplyr, ggplot2, ggmap package in R. Also, calculated KPIs for schools using qualitative variables like qualification of school teachers etc. and mapped the results on GIS maps. Presented my findings at Right to Education workshop conducted by MHRD at IIT Gandhinagar.

My Education

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Bachelor’s Degree National Institute of Technology Rourkela | 2017

About Me

Rohit Singh

Rohit is a Software Engineer at Intel, validating LLMs performance on Intel's Gaudi accelerator hardware. Previously, he has worked as a Data Scientist in different organizations training deep learning models to solve different NLP and CV problems.

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