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Stephane Gouttebroze

Stephane Gouttebroze

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Introduction to Python

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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Data Scientist

Data archaeologist, unearthing buried insights from historical records.

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The GitHub History of the Scala Language


A Visual History of Nobel Prize Winners


Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Clecim | Sep 2001 - Present


TECHNOLOGY / INNOVATION ENGINEER - CLECIM SAS 42 Savigneux (20 years) Process expert Stainless steel rolling facilities in China Modeling / reality confrontation Adjustment of regulations (fine tuning) and dedicated instrumentation Definition of test plans using JMP, Python or Matlab Data science - Data acquisition and analysis using JMP, Python or Matlab Industry 4.0 Development of prototypes with 3D printers Protection against counterfeiting of spare parts (RFID) Data science Data analysis of several industrial processes using JMP, Python or Matlab (Sheet metal working, shearing, ...) Responsible for the test installation area Specifications Planning/coordination of interventions (service providers, purchasing,...) Safety (area and tests) Choice of instrumentation Experimental tests: rolling, flattening, ... and data analysis Co-leader of the "Laser welding machine" project Characterization of laser welding performance Tests on customer prototype Presentation of results (customer and Mitsubishi Japan) Co-leader of the " EMW " project Partnership SIEMENS / ArcelorMITTAL / University Definition and construction of an electromagnetic test bench Development of regulations Realization of scale 1 tests on CRM pilot line (Belgium) Head of the "Thickness Control" project (Arcelor MITTAL partnership) Definition of production tests Simulation and proposal for the optimization of regulations Analysis and presentation of results (customer) Benchmark of the number 1 site at ArcelorMITTAL Vibration project manager (Arcelor MITTAL partnership) Installation of instrumentation on industrial site Definition of tests in production Analysis and presentation of results (customer, ATS conference)
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LMA | Oct 1998 - Jun 2001

PHD Student

PHD STUDENT IN THE LABORATORY OF APPLIED MECHANICS (25 Besançon), 1998-2001 Dynamics of spatial structures, comparison of experimental measurements and numerical modeling. 240 hours of teaching (practical and directed work in engineering school).

Air Army / Intertechnique | Oct 1997 - Jul 1998


NATIONAL SERVICE - SCIENTIFIC OF THE CONTINGENT at INTERTECHNIQUE (42 Roche-la-Molière), fuel circulation (aeronautics) 1997-1998 Realization of technical studies, test procedures, measurements for large international programs (CRJ, Airbus, Rafale, ...).

My Education

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DU, Astronomie et astrophysiqueAstrophysique Paris XI | 1999
DEA, Ingénierie mécaniqueEcole Doctorale Mécanique Lyon | 1997
Ingenieur, Génie mecaniqueEcole Nationale d'Ingénieurs, St Etienne | 1997

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Stephane Gouttebroze

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