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Data whisperer, listening closely to the stories hidden within the numbers.

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Introduction to Python


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BPP | Aug 2022 - Present

Data Skills Coach


Lampada Digital Solutions Limited | Jun 2021 - Jul 2022

Data Scientist

Developing an insights engine for an IoT network of sensors for use in real- time flood diagnostics. Building convolutional long-short-term-memory neural networks (LSTMs) using Google’s TensorFlow library I essentially took time- varying 2d sensor arrays and predicted the next frames in the sequence. Subsequent to this, I also used NASA radar telemetry for modelling flooding with heuristic basin detection and topography data to simulate virtual sensor readings for modelling. Additionally, I contributed to the development of a flood-water-in-image- object-detection model using CNNs without transfer learning. The potential application for this is to use CCTV images to offer insight into water movement/ detection in flood-prone areas. As this was a team project, I presented and framed data science and machine learning problems effectively to peers during brainstorming sessions regularly. I also became well established in numerous machine learning techniques and data analysis. Furthering my experience cleaning, imputing, restructuring and preprocessing data in Python using NumPy and Pandas.
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The University of Hull | Sep 2019 - May 2021

Physics Researcher

Coordinating research for the fabrication and design of nanoscale devices, I executed experimental lab work including thin metal film deposition via sputter coating and evaporation. Handling varied data parsed from analytical measurements including atomic force microscopy, impedance spectroscopy and profilometry was commonplace in this role. Project planning included scheduling and tracking progress, filing purchase orders, and maintaining project documentation. Additionally, I was liaising with manufacturers, suppliers, colleagues, and supervisors to meet schedule demands.

Cambridge Education Group | Sep 2018 - Jun 2020

Teacher of Physics

• Communicating complex A-Level equivalent physics and maths to unfamiliar audiences. Including data representation and contextual understanding. Lecturing for an undergraduate foundation programme. I enhanced skills such as scientific communication, critical thinking, teamwork, organisation and leadership. This role has allowed me to develop and cement the foundations of my physics knowledge while teaching international students. There has been a strong emphasis on overcoming language barriers and communicating effectively while maintaining professional interpersonal skills.

My Education

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Master of Science - Data Science and Artifical Intelligence, MSc   · (AugustUniversity of Hull | 2022
Diploma of Education, PGCE - Secondary ScienceUniversity of Hull | 2018
Bachelor of Science - BS, PhysicsUniversity of Hull | 2017

About Me

Steve Wilkinson

I utilize machine learning algorithms to turn datasets into insightful and actionable prediction tools. Communicating complex mathematical concepts to non-technical audiences, I reveal hidden patterns in data to solve problems for businesses.

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