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My New Course

Intermediate Python

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Intermediate Python


Intermediate SQL


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African Originals | Jan 2022 - Present

Analytics Manager

1. Developed and implemented a comprehensive analytics strategy aligned with organizational objectives. 2. Drove the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data to identify key trends, patterns, and insights. 3. Collaborated with cross-functional teams for analytics needs and actionable recommendations. 4. Conducted sales projections/forecasting based on current trends for SKUs, channels, and outlets. 5. Managed inventory analysis, including costing products to optimize pricing strategies. ✓ Utilized data insights to Analyze production costs, ensuring competitive pricing and maximizing profit margins. ✓ Collaborated with the finance team to develop cost-effective inventory management strategies. 6. Developed and maintained robust data infrastructure, ensuring data integrity, accuracy, and security. 7. Stayed updated with industry trends and implemented relevant tools and techniques. 8. Presented complex data findings to senior leadership, influencing decision- making processes. 9. Monitored KPIs to track the effectiveness of analytics initiatives. 10. Fostered a data-driven culture within the organization. 11. Led and managed a team of analysts, delivering high-quality analytics solutions. 12. Conducted comprehensive analysis of product performance, including user engagement, conversion rates, and customer satisfaction. 13. Analysed user behaviour and feedback for product improvements. 14. Led demand planning and forecasting initiatives to optimize inventory levels and meet customer demand efficiently. ✓ Utilized forecasting models and historical data to predict future demand for products. ✓ Organized and ran the Sales & Operations Process (S&OP) for effective demand determination and supply planning. ✓ Conducted demand analysis to refine forecasts and improve accuracy. ✓ Identified potential risks and opportunities related to demand fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, or market changes.
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Mini Bakeries Nairobi Ltd | Jan 2021 - Jan 2022

Senior Data Analyst

1. Sales Performance Analysis: ✓ Conducted daily assessments of sales volume data against budgets and historical trends for stock keeping units (SKUs). ✓ Evaluated lapses and performed year-on-year comparisons to identify areas for improvement. 2. Data Visualization: Developed comprehensive visual reports using Microsoft Power BI, aiding departmental and management decision-making processes. 3. GAP Analysis and Action Planning: ✓ Identified gaps in sales volume across products, regions, and markets. ✓ Collaborated with the Head of Sales and Territory Sales Managers to devise actionable plans for improving sales performance. 4. Market Analysis: Examined sell-out data from retail supermarkets or distributors to identify market gaps, threats, opportunities, and assess brand share. 5. Demand Planning and Forecasting: ✓ Led demand planning initiatives to optimize inventory levels and meet customer demand efficiently. ✓ Utilized forecasting models, historical data, and insights from the sales team to predict and align with future demand. ✓ Conducted demand analysis considering demand patterns, seasonality, and other influencing factors. 6. Team Management: ✓ Directly oversaw and managed a team of four analysts. ✓ Provided guidance, mentorship, and support in their day-to-day tasks, projects, and professional development. 7. Project Oversight: ✓ Coordinated and prioritized analytical projects within the team. ✓ Ensured deadlines were met and tasks aligned with overall business objectives. 8. Technical Leadership: ✓ Provided technical expertise, guidance, and support to the team in data analysis techniques, tools, and methodologies. ✓ Ensured quality and accuracy in analytical outputs. 9. Strategy and Planning: Collaborated with senior management to define analytics strategies, set goals, and establish best practices for data analysis within the team and across the organization.

Kenafric Industries Ltd | Jan 2020 - Jan 2021

Commercial Analyst

1. Fulfilling / Managing Reports and Sales data. • Utilizing appropriate analytical reports and tools; provide daily support to commercial sector to help drive business. • Collect and report accurate and timely sales related data as required by the sales and management teams. 2. Analysis of Sales Trends • Closely studies past sales data to determine trends in productivity. • Develop and maintain sales forecast reports. • Develops methods and strategies for assessing large amounts of data. • Creates sales evaluation reports based on collected data. 3. RMS-Retail Management System • Ensure stability and maximum usage daily • Generate reports from the system and analyse to find ways of increasing productivity • Oversee gradual improvement of the system to maximize on its possibilities. 4. Demand Forecasting and Market Analysis • Suggests adjustments and revisions to promotional strategies to improve sales and profitability. • Conducts research into competitive companies / products and the surrounding market environment

Bridge International Academies | Sep 2018 - Jan 2020

Customer Care Associate

I am Responsible for; • Answering incoming (inbound) customer phone calls and take appropriate action for each call by clarifying desired information; researching, locating, and providing information. • Resolveing problems by clarifying issues; researching and exploring answers and alternative solutions; implementing solutions; escalating unresolved problems. • Using company policies to determine if there can be an immediate resolution to a customer issue or if that issue requires managerial input • Making outbound calls when required or necessary • Responding to emails escalated by customers. • Making follow up to escalated issues by monitoring them.

Bridge International Academies | Jun 2018 - Sep 2018


• Designed, wrote and documented processes based on the existing write-ups and interviews contacted. • Collaborated with the Operations heads of departments to collect existing documentation. • Attended and/or conduct interviews with subject matter experts within Operations to map existing and desired processes. • Identified and document process gaps and design project plans to bridge them • Wrote down all the Standard Operating Procedure. • Designed and fill a repository of all policies and procedures that is easy to access and navigate in.

Africa Merchant Assurance Company Limited | Nov 2016 - May 2018

Unit manager

• Market research and sourcing of new clients • Recruited direct sales agents. • Trained direct sales force on varies insurance products. • Supervised the actions of direct sales force. • Generated revenue for the company. • Wrote business proposals and weekly reports on production.

My Education

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NANODEGREE, Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BIUdacity | 2022
NANODEGREE, Data Analysis and Visualization with Microsoft Power BIUdacity | 2022
BSc. Actuarial science, Actuarial ScienceUniversity of Eldoret | 2016

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Driven by the transformative potential of data science in unraveling insights from intricate datasets, empowering decision-making, and shaping a smarter tomorrow.

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