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Abdul Azis Sukmawan

Abdul Azis Sukmawan


UAG | Tangerang, Indonesia


Mindful analyst, decoding patterns to unravel the big picture.

My Work

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GitHub - azissukmawan/sales-analysis-dashboard


GitHub - azissukmawan/Fitness-Tracker-Analysis


GitHub - azissukmawan/gamsit: A rock-paper-scissor game that uses object detection image processing using transfer learning inception V3


SaveMoney Capstone · GitHub


My Certifications

These are the industry credentials that I’ve earned.

Other Certificates

https://coursera.org/share/b2860ee679c12da213154f054ffa413b Machine Learning Specialization

https://coursera.org/share/2bb1939352c070270a629125665a1734 TensorFlow: Advanced Techniques Specialization

https://coursera.org/share/a5d9f7c23867e24e60b93cbc09de5fbb Natural Language Processing Specialization

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Bangkit Academy led by Google, Tokopedia, Gojek, & Traveloka | Aug 2023 - Jan 2024

Machine Learning Path Student

Bangkit is a Google-led career readiness program held in collaboration with Gojek, Tokopedia, and Traveloka. Affiliated with Studi Independen Bersertifikat - Kampus Merdeka, this program runs in the odd semester 2023. As a Machine learning Cohort - Learn to automate tasks using Python scripts, using Git and GitHub for version control. - Understand how to clean and organize data for analysis, and complete analysis and calculations using spreadsheets and SQL programming. - Learn how to visualize and present data findings in dashboards, presentations and visualization platforms using Tableu. - A deep understanding of the math that makes machine learning algorithms work. - Learn to build and train various machine learning models, including supervised (linear, logistic regression) and unsupervised (clustering, anomaly detection), utilizing TensorFlow for deep learning tasks such as multi-class classification and recommendation systems. And also learn in applying best practices for ML development and be comfortable with tree-based methods such as decision trees and deep reinforcement learning. - Learn to utilize TensorFlow to train neural networks for computer vision applications, implement strategies to prevent overfitting, and build NLP systems, forecasting using RNN, GRU, and LSTM. - Learn to implement ML models on various platforms, including browsers (TensorFlow.js), mobile devices (TensorFlow Lite), and server environments (TensorFlow Serving, Hub, TensorBoard). Utilize TensorFlow Data Services for efficient data management. - Learn about soft skills such as Growth Mindset, Time Management, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving, Adaptability and Resilience, Project Management, Professional Communication and Networking, Professional Branding and Interview Communication and learn English language such as presentation communication skills.
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ESQ Group | Aug 2023 - Oct 2023

Data Analyst

- Analyze business needs regarding the number of consumers and transactions in each region. - Understand and combine three different databases for further analysis. - Cleaned data from mismatches, blank values, and duplicates for analysis accuracy. - Explore the relationship between consumers and products, transactions, and product categories. - Merged data from three databases using SQL queries to create an integrated data set. - Analyze data trends and patterns to support decisions regarding more desirable products. - Identified trends in geography, gender, age, and participant preferences on product purchases. - Created informative visualizations using Power BI, displaying the number of consumers by product, transaction, and product category. - Identified the top 5 product types based on preferences in specific regions. - Communicate with IT team regarding analysis results. - Performed dashboard maintenance to ensure the relevance and accuracy of the information. - Identified ways to improve the data analysis process in the future.

My Education

Take a look at my formal education

Bachelor's degree, Information SystemSTIMIK ESQ | 2025

About Me

Abdul Azis Sukmawan

Students who are dedicated to technology and learning new things on technology

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