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Tadesse Kebede

Tadesse Kebede

Junior Data Engineer



My Portfolio Highlights

My New Track

Data Engineer

My New Project

Introduction to DataCamp Projects

My New Course

Introduction to Python

Data guru, harnessing the power of information for actionable insights.

My Work

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Course Notes: Introduction to Relational Databases in SQL


Project: Designing a Bank Marketing Database


Joining Data in SQL

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

https://www.10academy.org/ Machine Learning, Data and Web3 Engineering

DataCamp Course Completion

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My Work Experience

Where I've interned and worked during my career.

Masakhane | Jan 2023 - Present

Data Annotator

This Job is volunteerism. I have been invited by Masahkane Team to annotate the dataset Oromo news topic classification. I annotated Afaan Oromoo news that is extracted from VOA and BBC news into categories such as technologies, sports, religion, health, entertainment, business, and uncategorized.
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Haramaya University | Sep 2021 - Present


Developing "Integrated Student Management System" using ASP.NET Core 6.

Haramaya University | Sep 2021 - Present


Developing "Integrated Student Information Management System"

My Education

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MSc in Computer ScienceHaramaya University | 2021
BSc in Computer ScienceMekelle University | 2017

About Me

Tadesse Kebede

I am a Junior Data Engineer with a background in Computer Science experienced in ETL, data pre-processing, visualization, data & analytics engineering, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and developing end to-end data.

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