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Taurai Masaire

Taurai Masaire


ALX Africa | Johannesburg


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An analysis of customer segments for target marketing

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Introduction to Python

Machine learning maverick, riding the wave of algorithms to new frontiers.

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An analysis of customer segments for target marketing


Introduction to Python


Intermediate Python

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Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Associate

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My Work Experience

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SAFuturist | ALX Ventures | Apr 2024 - Present

Backend Developer Intern

- Technical Research and Data Analysis: Engaged in in-depth research and data analysis to bolster backend development initiatives, including the exploration of cutting-edge technologies and the formulation of proof of concepts to advance the team’s technical prowess. - Collaboration: Actively collaborated with the front-end team and maintained consistent communication with stakeholders, and other teams to align backend development efforts with the organization’s long-term technology objectives. - Google Analytics Integration: Achieved seamless integration of Google Analytics with the website, yielding critical behavioral insights and bolstering strategic decisions based on robust data analytics. - SEO Enhancements: Executed comprehensive SEO enhancements, elevating the website’s visibility on search engines and amplifying organic visitor traffic.
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Equipped Solutions Holdings | Sep 2022 - Present

Sales And Customer Service Consultant

- Efficiently address and resolve customer inquiries and concerns, minimizing wait times. - Enhance sales by recommending additional products and services tailored to client needs. - Drive business growth by identifying potential leads and successfully closing sales. - Maintain expert-level knowledge of all current products and services offered. - Prepare accurate and detailed quotes and invoices for client transactions. - Foster teamwork by collaborating with marketing and product development teams to ensure business strategies are in line with company objectives. - Innovate and contribute ideas to optimize sales processes, establish best practices, and refine internal procedures for increased efficiency.

Spur Corporation | Apr 2019 - Dec 2021

Service Ambassador

-Clientele Management: Demonstrated a keen understanding of the business’s clientele, effectively managing orders, deliveries, and executing targeted marketing and sales strategies. - Client Retention: Excelled in retaining clients by delivering outstanding customer satisfaction and fostering robust relationships. - Customer Service Excellence: Provided top-tier customer service and administration, ensuring operational efficiency and client contentment. - Sales Leadership: Rapidly ascended to become a top seller within months of joining the company, consistently leading in sales and upselling for several consecutive months. - Recognized Customer Service: Received commendations for excellent customer service, as evidenced by positive customer feedback and reviews

Zimnat | Oct 2014 - Feb 2019

Sales Consultant

- Insurance Sales and Client Advocacy: Spearheaded the sale of insurance products, ensuring clients’ needs were met and policies were accurately tailored to their requirements. - Strategic Reporting: Delivered comprehensive weekly and monthly sales reports to senior management, highlighting trends and areas for growth. - Claims Assistance: Provided essential support to clients during the claims process, facilitating a smooth and client-centric experience. - Premium Management: Proactively followed up on unpaid premiums, ensuring financial consistency and policy integrity. - Policy Compliance: Vigilantly ensured all policy requirements were met, upholding the company’s standards and client trust. - Client Inquiry Resolution: Addressed all product-related queries from clients, demonstrating extensive product knowledge and commitment to service excellence. - Client Needs Assessment: Conducted in-depth interviews with prospective clients to assess their insurance needs, providing valuable insights to management for strategic decision-making.

My Education

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Computer Software Engineering in Software EngineeringALX Africa | Holberton School | 2024
Bachelor of Commerce - BCom, Business Management   in Business ManagementNational University of Science and Technology (ZW) | 2014

About Me

Taurai Masaire

Full Stack Developer | Data Science & AI Enthusiast

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