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James Fletcher

James Fletcher

Master Student

Saint Joseph's University


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Quantitative Analyst

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Introduction to R for Finance

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RDocumentation: AirPassengers

Innovative thinker, shaping the future through data intelligence.

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Manipulating Time Series Data with xts and zoo in R


Introduction to R for Finance


RDocumentation: AirPassengers

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My Work Experience

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RTD Financial | Apr 2023 - Present

Senior Operations Analyst Intern


Saint Joseph's University | Jan 2023 - Present

Graduate Assistant - Quantitative Analyst

• Implemented Alteryx software and Power Query to optimize the transformation and analysis of data supporting SJU’s SDG initiative • Developed a code which scraped data from online sources and used a generative AI program to generate SDG related output • Trained a machine learning model to conduct specific SDG analysis and generated specialized AI prompts, led to a 12.5% fall in errors • Led a team that had University’s globally as clients, assessed their progress towards the UN’s SDG’s
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Saint Joseph University Athletics | May 2021 - Aug 2022

Finance and Data Analyst Intern

• Ran Monte Carlo simulations on SJU’s multi-media partnerships to identify optimal cost and revenue structures • Analyzed and balanced receivable and payables which totaled nearly $10M over the last fiscal year, projected out two more years • Used comparable analysis valuation between SJU and A-10 competition to identify trends for future resource allocation decisions • Prepared a financial analysis for SJU’s multi-million-dollar esports project, included pro-forma, NPV, IRR and VaR calculations

Personal Portfolio | Apr 2020 - Present

Personal Trading Portfolio

• Invest and manage a five-figure portfolio of stocks, ETFs, and options • Combine traditional analysis with data analysis and programming tools to enhance portfolio optimization and minimize risk • Achieved the following returns (ASX Market): NEU: 891.2%, WHC: 495.68%, KAR: 153.98%

Parkway Dental | May 2019 - Aug 2019

Finance Intern

• Applied a precedent transaction analysis to access financial performance relative to competition • Worked with senior management to increase inventory turnover from 3x to 3.3x and cut SG&A expenses toward industry averages. • Processed invoice and transaction payables on the NetSuite software

Saint Joseph's University Men's Soccer | Jan 2019 - Present

Team Captain

• Implemented accountability exercises to strengthen team culture which correlated to success on the field, as a freshman. • Served as team captain sophomore year and won the teams MVP award. Junior year led SJU to its highest regular season finish in program history. Graduated cum laude senior year with more than 40 appearances and currently team captain. • Balanced academic, athletic, and social commitments: joined the Student-Athlete-Advisory-Committee (SAAC) and the Finance Club

U16’s and U17’s Australian National Soccer Team | Jan 2016 - Aug 2017

Team Captain

• Won the 2016 Asian Football Federation Championship with Australia, a member of the Australia Youth World Cup Qualifying Squad and a captain of the Canberra United side competing in the U23 Professional League, all before 17 years old. • Developed time-management, teamwork, and leadership skills. Missed 4 months of school out of 18 and kept above a 3.6 GPA

My Education

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Master's in Business Intelligence and Data AnalyticsSaint Joseph's University | 2023
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Finance and EconomicsSaint Joseph's University | 2022

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