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Eric Roebuck

Eric Roebuck


Tufts University


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Introduction to ChatGPT


Keras Toolbox

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Udemy Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

Udemy Machine Learning Classification Bootcamp in Python

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Bridgewater State University | Sep 2022 - May 2023

Visiting Assistant Professor

One academic year appointment. Courses: PHYS-181E/T + Lab: Elements of Physics (Algebra-Based), PHYS-410: Astrophysical Imaging (Astronomy upper level), PHYS-181: Elements of Physics (Algebra-Based), PHYS-107: Exploring the Universe w/Lab (Astronomy general elective), PHYS-408: Astrophysics (Astronomy upper level) Service to Institution: Helping engage with guests during Observatory Outreach nights. Organized 5 guest lectures from other institutions for Astrophysics course. Co-taught course in astrophysical imaging and techniques that included data acquisition, coding (MATLAB and Python), and linear regression. Co-mentored student research projects for Astrophysical imaging course, several students applying for project grants and presenting projects Student Arts and Research Symposium (StARS)
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Bunker Hill Community College | Jan 2019 - May 2022

Adjunct Professor


Simmons University | Sep 2018 - Dec 2021

Adjunct Professor


Tufts University | May 2017 - Present


Courses: Wanderers in Space: Exploration & Discovery (Elective Astronomy), Concepts of the Cosmos (Elective Astronomy), Introductory Physics I w/Lab (Algebra-Based Physics) Supported and and managed 1-4 teaching assistants per term in roles including grader, lab instructor, recitation instructor, and/or classroom aide. Course sizes ranged from 4-160+ students. Wrote several letters of recommendation for students each academic year for post-bachelor programs (e.g. medical/nursing programs).

Tufts University | Sep 2012 - May 2019

Graduate Research Assistant

-Worked at the interface of theoretical and observational astronomy in the field of galaxy evolution by studying infrared luminous galaxies. -Compiled several databases of simulated galaxy mergers results. This required feature engineering for missing data, as well as a statistical analysis to estimate errors/uncertainties due to non-uniform coverage of parameter space between databases. -Simulated data were fit to empirical data using regression techniques. χ2-“like” fitting statistics were used to estimate probability distributions. -Ran small samples of simulation codes on Harvard’s Research Computing Cluster, and stored and analyzed data on Tufts’ High-Performance Computing Cluster. -First-author publications in The Astrophysical Journal, Roebuck et al. 2016 and Roebuck et al. 2019. -Co-auther publications in The Astrophysical Journal, Kirkpatrick et al. 2015 and Bonato et al. 2017. -Three poster presentations at American Astronomical Society Conferences. -Two conference talks (NERQUAM) and a guest talk at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. -Graduate Research Excellence At Tufts (GREAT) Fellow Summer 2015.

University of Pittsburgh | Sep 2008 - May 2010

Undergraduate Research Assistant

-Member of the Survey of Transiting Extrasolar Planets at the University of Pittsburgh (STEPUP) group. -Contributed to writing and modularizing CCD based image calibration, reduction, and analysis code. -Contributed data and observation efforts to Flemming et. al 2012 and Shporer et. al 2010.

My Education

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PhD in PhysicsTufts University | 2019
MS in PhysicsTufts University | 2014
BS in Physics & AstronomyUniversity of Pittsburgh | 2010

About Me

Eric Roebuck

I am transitioning to data science from higher ed and am on the job market. My research background is in the astrophysics of the evolution of galaxies using large data sets of simulation results, and am currently a lecturer in physics/astronomy/math.

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