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Temitope Adeyelu

Temitope Adeyelu

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Course notes: Data Manipulation in SQL

On the Journey of Becoming a Machine Learning Engineer in the Clean Energy Industry

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Introduction to SQL


Course notes: Data Manipulation in SQL


Introduction to Data Visualization with Matplotlib

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Data Camp Data Scientist Professional Certificate

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Hugo | Jul 2023 - Present

Data Annotator

Achieved exceptional results by meticulously annotating diverse training data, and optimizing large language model development. Expertise in linguistic nuances has been pivotal in evaluating model performance and guiding targeted data collection efforts. Through cross-functional collaboration, I've contributed to advancing AI technology for impactful real-world usage, resulting in significant improvements in our AI systems.
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OPEX Oil and Gas Resources Limited | Jul 2021 - Present

Data Analyst

I’m proficient in managing daily data, recording, and visualizing gas pressure and flow in customer and Above Ground Installation pipelines, ensuring that these critical parameters consistently adhere to safety limits. Leveraging my expertise, I have automated Excel templates, thus reducing errors and streamlining the reporting process from data gathering to visualization. I’m responsible for calculating, visualizing, and modeling the company’s progress toward yearly sales targets using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. My meticulous record of consumption data ensures accurate billing and contributes to operational efficiency. I facilitated strategic decision-making by creating detailed reports across multiple data axes and analyzed operational improvements against KPIs to measure progress. I managed the help desk line and delivered customers' requests, emergencies, and complaints to the maintenance team for immediate response, ensuring efficient and timely resolution.

Nigeria LNG Limited | Mar 2019 - Aug 2019

Production Operation Intern

I demonstrated operational excellence by conducting daily maintenance checks and equipment runs, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal productivity. I ensured a safe and environmentally responsible work environment by conducting weekly and monthly Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) inspections. I honed their expertise in natural gas liquefaction, extraction, and interpretation of P&IDs, which enhanced my knowledge and positively impacted the team's performance and the plant's operations.

PZ Cussons | Jul 2018 - Sep 2018

Utilities Operations Intern

I took charge of the daily supervision of all equipment, ensuring their uninterrupted operation to prevent downtime. I played an assistant role in overseeing the monthly and yearly maintenance of the boilers, mitigating the risk of damage and potential safety hazards. Furthermore, I underwent comprehensive training in essential areas such as water purification, steam production, air compression, effluent treatment, and silicate production processes, enhancing my expertise and improving the department’s operations.

Nutricima Limited | Jul 2017 - Sep 2017

Production Operations Intern

Played a pivotal role in upholding high product quality and packaging standards by actively participating in quality assurance processes. Partly responsible for regularly cleaning and sterilizing equipment, thus maintaining a hygienic production environment and enhancing operational efficiency. Through training, I developed expertise in the condensed milk and yogurt production process and can fabrication and analysis.

My Education

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Masters Degree in Artificial IntelligenceUniveristy of Wolverhampton | 2025
Bachelor's degree, Chemical EngineringAfe Babalola University | 2020

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