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Victor Alvarez

Victor Alvarez

Senior IT Project Management Officer

Scotiabank | Peru


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Google Google Analytics Individual Qualification

IBM Enterprise Design Thinking Co-Creator

Microsoft Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel

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Scotiabank | Aug 2022 - Present

Senior IT Project Management Officer

Within a dual role blending strategic Technology Project Management with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), I've steered transformative endeavors in both Project Management and SRE: Senior IT Project Management Officer (PMO): • Led team growth from 2 to 10 direct professionals, and up to 20 for specific projects, ensuring high performance and satisfaction. • Executed strategic stability plans, ensuring robustness of key applications. • Aligned team strategy with global objectives, establishing vital metrics. • Managed diverse projects using agile methods, ensuring efficient implementation. • Pioneered capabilities, roadmaps, and story maps to enhance efficiency. Site Reliability Engineer (SRE): • Designed playbooks for all Scotiabank apps, boosting efficiency and resilience. • Implemented Google's SRE guidelines, optimizing MTTR and Change Failure Rate. • Enhanced Post Mortem reports, refining root cause analysis and tasks. • Led a pivotal SLO project using Python and advanced tools, yielding key insights. • Visualized historical data trends, patterns in Power BI, influencing business strategies. • Orchestrated Operational Readiness for production changes and app availability. • Fostered agile practices, optimizing team efficiency and practices. Notable Achievements: • Led cross-functional teams, trimming critical project delivery time by 20%. • Introduced automation practices, raising operational efficiency by 30%, improving service availability, and reducing response time by 30%. • Established a key indicator tracking system for informed decision-making. • Managed budgets, optimizing resource use and generating significant savings. • Presented data insights to business leaders, driving strategic decisions. • Guided team towards agile practices, elevating efficiency and quality. • Implemented comprehensive dashboards globally, enhancing operational visibility. This dual role underscores my ability to unite technical expertise with managerial skills.
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Scotiabank | Feb 2022 - Aug 2022

IT Project Management Officer

As a IT PMO and SRE at Scotiabank, I lead a unique blend of responsibilities that encompass both operational excellence and effective project management in the realm of technology. My focus centers on ensuring system availability and performance while orchestrating the successful execution of strategic projects. Key Functions: IT Project Management Officer (PMO): • Lead end-to-end management of technology projects, from planning to execution and closure. • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define clear objectives, scope, and deliverables for projects. • Establish and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate project progress and success. • Led the implementation of SLOs with a focus on improving availability, latency, and error budget metrics. • Facilitate communication and collaboration among teams, ensuring resources and tasks are aligned with strategic objectives. • Implement project management best practices and ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE): • Spearhead critical initiatives to enhance the reliability, scalability, and efficiency of critical applications and services. • Elevated the quality of Executive Summary reports sent after incidents, enhancing transparency and decision-making. • Collaborate with development and operations teams to implement Site Reliability Engineering practices and operations automation. • Proactively monitor and manage infrastructure and applications to identify and address performance and availability issues. • Contribute to the implementation of disaster recovery strategies and have the capacity to ensure operational continuity. This combination of roles enables me to meld my technical expertise with management skills to drive exceptional outcomes. My focus on operational efficiency and the successful execution of projects is pivotal in contributing to the ongoing growth and continued success of the organization.

Tata Consultancy Services | Feb 2020 - Jan 2022

Project Management Officer

Indian multinational company leader in IT service and consulting. It is the largest company in India and is operating in more than 46 countries. Strategic IT Project Management Expertise: • Guiding and overseeing critical IT projects for Scotiabank’s Service Management. • Taking charge of projects spanning the SRO sector, encompassing Canada to Mexico. Data-Driven Insights and Decision Power: • Employing profound data analysis across diverse bank systems. • Extracting pivotal global metrics, intricate statistical graphs, and actionable insights. • Playing a pivotal role in shaping multi-million-dollar infrastructure investments. Operational Efficiency and Holistic Evaluation: • Illuminating project vitality and operational process effectiveness. • Compiling an integrated balanced scorecard format to encapsulate project status. • Rigorously evaluating operational efficiency and financial performance alignment. Strategic Governance and Resource Optimization: • Enabling seamless access to critical information for strategic decision- makers. • Orchestrating optimal allocation of vital resources for high-impact projects. • Streamlining resource distribution dynamics within the dynamic SRO arena. • Nurturing an ecosystem of collaborative knowledge transfer among global project teams. Resourceful Knowledge Dissemination: • Providing crucial project blueprints, reviews, templates, and exhaustive documentation. • Ensuring widespread availability of essential resources for stakeholders. Performance Metrics and Impactful Communication: • Crafting key performance metrics to gauge the efficacy of internal tools. • Crafting influential quarterly presentations spotlighting area objectives and accomplishments. • Enhancing transparency concerning the bank’s strategic resource distribution and contributions. This multifaceted role showcases a blend of global leadership, strategic oversight, and precise execution, fostering innovation and excellence in banking operations.

Ericsson | Aug 2019 - Feb 2020

IT Project Engineer

Communication Technology. It is the second largest company in Sweden and is operating in almost two hundred countries. Efficient Data Management and Insightful Reporting: • Spearheading streamlined information handling for enhanced project outcomes. • Sharply reducing data processing time and elevating analysis efficiency for robust management reports. Data Quality Assurance and Framework Establishment: • Ensuring resilient frameworks for impeccable data control, management, and ownership. • Leading the way in assuring data quality creation and its consistent upkeep. Strategic Coordination and Value-Driven Reporting: • Collaborating in close tandem with project leaders, aligning reporting with their unique demands. • Skillfully crafting detailed reports, identifying trends, and establishing traceable indicators to fuel strategic decision-making. Innovative Business Intelligence Implementation: • Pioneering visionary Business Intelligence projects that redefine information accessibility. • Facilitating seamless cross-analysis of data from diverse sources, empowering informed actions. Unified Data Cross-Analysis and Seamless Accessibility: • Strategically unifying data from disparate sources, offering a comprehensive perspective. • Ensuring seamless access to mission-critical information, fostering informed actions across devices and locations. Efficient Incident Management and Strategic Insights: • Offering a panoramic view of projects for incisive incident management. • Amplifying control and reporting precision for incidents through invaluable strategic insights. In this capacity, I embrace global leadership, strategic data handling, and cutting-edge BI solutions, propelling proficient decision-making and strategic value creation in the dynamic realm of Information and Communication Technology.

Tech Mahindra | May 2018 - Jul 2019

Senior Analytics Analyst

Indian multinational technology, consulting and artificial intelligence company. It is the fifth largest company in India and is operating in more than one hundred countries. Holistic Project Management and Progress Tracking: • Spearheading the management of diverse IT projects across business sectors. • Vigilantly monitoring project advancement, ensuring steadfast adherence to established timelines. Strategic Client Coordination and Value-Driven Reporting: • Orchestrating seamless client collaboration to discern requisites and expectations. • Crafting comprehensive reports, studies, forecasts, and analyses, tracing indicators for multilevel decision-making. Agile Data Processing and Competitive Edge: • Unveiling swift information fulfillment to provide competitive advantages. • Managing and governing the entirety of the company’s data, amplifying agility in processing and analytical efficiency. Dynamic Business Intelligence Ventures: • Strategizing, creating, and executing Business Intelligence initiatives for enriched insights. • Catalyzing information enrichment through strategic data amalgamation from diverse sources. Compelling Data Presentation and Management Insights: • Crafting compelling presentations illuminating team performance and project dynamics. • Streamlining incident management efficiency, aligning with predefined client and company indicators. This role symbolizes my pivotal role in driving global technology, strategic data orchestration, and cutting-edge BI solutions. This convergence propels expedited decision-making and strategic excellence in the expansive realms of technology, consulting, and artificial intelligence. My commitment to leveraging data for strategic advantage is poised to further elevate the organization’s stature on a global scale.

IBM | Jul 2016 - Apr 2018

Senior IT Specialist

American multinational technology and consulting company. It is the second largest company in the world and is operating in more than two hundred countries. Strategic Project Oversight and Conflict Resolution: • My role involves vigilant project oversight, ensuring alignment with objectives. • I adeptly handle conflict resolution, safeguarding project alignment and objectives. Dynamic Management Insights via Presentations: • I create impactful presentations offering clear views of team performance. • These insights aid management decisions, guiding projects effectively. Efficient Defect Management and Indicator Compliance: • Swift defect resolution maintains project momentum. • Aligning with customer-defined indicators is pivotal for success. Resource Allocation and Test Implementation: • Efficient resource allocation ensures smooth execution. • Testing protocols assure final deliverable quality. Comprehensive Project Planning and Documentation: • Detailed planning and documentation enhance project clarity. • Clear documentation expedites decision-making and project continuity. Empowering Team Preparation and Implementation: • Empowering teams with tools and guidance drives success. • Effective preparation is the foundation for successful implementation. Pioneering Project Management and Service Excellence: • I integrate strategic planning, communication, and oversight. • This aligns outcomes with customer expectations, fostering satisfaction. In this influential tech giant, my role blends oversight, resolution, efficiency, and excellence to drive impactful projects. With a strategic approach, I guide projects to successful outcomes while ensuring alignment and efficiency. This commitment forms the cornerstone of my contribution.

Municipalidad Metropolitana de Lima | Oct 2015 - Jun 2016

Process Management Trainee

Public entity that exercises competences and functions of local, metropolitan and regional government character, directing its management to the simplification of quality administrative processes. Strategic Information Projection and Analysis: • My role involved projecting reliable institutional statistics. • This information empowered decision-making across organizational units. Enhanced Planning and Citizen Services: • I designed scorecards to optimize Planning Management and citizen service centers. • These tools enabled improved decision-making processes. Efficient Problem-Solving and Integration: • I actively sought solutions to challenges faced by the Institutional Development Sub-Department. • This streamlined performance and resource utilization. Robust Indicator Definition and Oversight: • I defined, monitored, and controlled performance indicators for MML projects. • This facilitated effective project management and execution. Procedural Manual Formulation and Enhancement: • I formulated meticulous Procedure Manuals for Metropolitan Municipality of Lima. • These manuals streamlined activities and proposed performance metrics. Process Mapping and Impactful Presentations: • I created flowcharts to visualize procedural sequences. • High-impact presentations to MML management enhanced understanding. In this public entity, I contributed to streamlined governance through strategic information analysis, procedural enhancements, and performance tracking. My role was pivotal in aligning processes with quality administrative standards, thereby ensuring effective decision-making and resource utilization.

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Master in Business Administration - MBAInstituto Europeo de Posgrado - IEP | 2022
Specialization in Microsoft Business Intelligence with SQL ServerCibertec | 2016
Professional Degree in Systems EngineerUniversidad de Lima | 2016

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Victor Alvarez

I am looking for learning new skills due to I am passionate about data analytics and project management

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