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Vicente III Tangcueco

Vicente III Tangcueco

Business Intelligence Analyst

Cleantech Solar | Singapore


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Cleantech Solar | Jul 2021 - Present

Business Intelligence Analyst


Cleantech Solar | Nov 2019 - Jun 2021

Junior Business Intelligence Analyst

Southeast Asia and India. The company owns and operates more than 160 solar power plants across the region, with the majority being in operation and the rest under construction and development. Combining the capabilities of a global player with unrivalled responsiveness and customer focus, Cleantech Solar allows its customers to enjoy clean solar energy with the key benefits of: • Reducing their CO2 emissions and electricity bills at the same time without having to expend upfront capital • Improving their environmental and CSR performance • Achieving safe, repeatable and high-performance projects by leveraging Cleantech Solar’s strong local teams in each market
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Cleantech Solar | Jun 2019 - Aug 2019

Junior Business Intelligence Analyst Intern

- Responsibilities include managing Power BI dashboards, creating Office 365 accounts for new joiners, and procurement of IT equipment for the company - Cleaned 2 GB worth of data by eliminating unused fields and reduced it to about 700 MB which led to a reduction in refresh speeds of Power BI Reports from about 15 mins to less than 1 min

Nanyang Technological University | Aug 2017 - Jul 2019

Communication Coach

- Coached students in improving their oral and written communication skills - Obtained an overall rating of 92.9% based on feedback from clients - Planned and developed material for a “Communication Skills for Student Leaders” workshop for the Students Affairs Office

Systems on Silicon Manufacturing Company Pte Ltd (SSMC) | May 2017 - Jul 2017


- Managed 2 projects: revamp of SSMC website and revamp of SSMC internal mobile app - Conducted needs analysis with different departments to understand the requirements for the project - Revamped the SSMC website using C# (www.ssmc.com) to better attract potential employees (fresh graduates and experienced engineers) - Revamped the SSMC internal mobile app to improve employee engagement by improving the user interface and adding features such as SSMC Whispers and Ask CEO Anything

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore | Jan 2016 - Dec 2016

Student Translator

-Collected raw data of spoken Filipino for Prof. Randy LaPolla's research of the Filipino language -Transcribed and translated Filipino spoken data to written English -Analysed the Filipino language in the hope of proving that its grammatical structure must be analysed differently from that of the English language

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore | Oct 2015 - Jul 2016

Undergraduate Volunteer Student Researcher

-Assisted Dr. Steve Zhou in his research on nickel-catalysed synthesis of aromatic ketones using various aldehydes and aryl boronic acid -Developed alternative synthetic route for the formation aromatic ketones (an important compound found in pharmaceuticals) -Synthesised various substrates and designing chemical reactions -Separated and purified chemical mixtures in order to analyse the compound formed after a chemical reaction -Handled analytical instruments such as GC, GCMS and NMR to analyse chemical compounds

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Bachelor of Science (BSc), Chemistry and Biological Chemistry, 2nd Major in Food Science and Tech...Nanyang Technological University | 2019

About Me

Vicente III Tangcueco

I aspire to be a data architect. I'm hungry for knowledge and I and looking for suitable mentors to guide me

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