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Bhaskar Voleti

Bhaskar Voleti


Humber College


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Risk and Returns: The Sharpe Ratio

Data guardian, protecting the integrity and privacy of valuable information.

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Introduction to SQL


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Introduction to Python

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Hudson's Bay Company | Oct 2021 - May 2022

Sales Associate

• Responsible for delivering an amazing Brand experience in the store and performing several cross-functional responsibilities. • Handling modular sales strategies increasing cost per Sq. ft usage. • Analyzed and improved essential modifications to promote health safety and better communication standards with customers, resulting in increased brand valuation. Consistently performed and handled incoming store inventory. • Developed a deep understanding of the customer including goals, organization structure, decision-making processes, and pain-points and generated sales more than $3000 daily.
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Labyrinth Technologies | Jun 2019 - May 2021

Data Scientist

• Reviewed and developed ML algorithms to extract OCR data (TensorFlow, Keras, Seaborn) to facilitate intelligent automation, resulting in a reduction of over 8000 man-hours in human effort in document verification. • Utilized Python, SAS to conduct Marketing Analytics (SciPy, Pandas) on large datasets (over 500k+ records and 100+ attributes) to identify trends and enable data driven decisions across domains. • Evaluated Data (MySQL) & Algorithm Pipelines (Python, Node-JS) for Projects and streamlined strategies through product insights and promoted growth by organizing subtask solutions and revitalizing resource management, thus improving revenue sources by $15,000. • Customized and deployed client specific ETL models- using Snowflake, Pandas to deploy efficiently timed serverless AWS Lambda APIs handling on average 10,000+ queries.

Labyrinth Technologies | Dec 2018 - May 2019

Full Stack and Machine Learning Trainee


Roy Projects - India | Jun 2018 - Jul 2018

Business Analyst

• Analyzed business goals, objectives, and integrated various technological and business impacting programs, increasing productivity and customer outreach by 15% in the Real Estate domain through KPI developments. • Constructed an operational reporting system in Tableau to improve scheduling contractors and saved $20,000 in the annual budget, establishing a technical reporting system for resolving business bottlenecks and developed workflow charts for process optimization. • Implemented computation models to identify key areas in Cash Flow statements (Excel, Tableau) leading to a 12% reduction in operational costs and curtailed productional losses for stakeholders. • Tabulated existing databases using Python, SQL, Tableau to generate requirement specific Data Visualizations for clients and internal company use cases and collaborated with teams using tools such as JIRA, Confluence using Agile (Scrum) SDLC methodologies.

Jio | May 2018 - Jun 2018

Network Development Engineer

• Handled and managed the task assignment system of routers to network nodes and completed HOTO-(Handover Takeover) protocols to E-Node junctions for data traffic management. • Responsible for creating, deploying and automating networks that enabling data to move swiftly between different data centers of Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai. • Generated Data visualisations for data blockage points and used this data to provide insights for network maintenance.

My Education

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Postgraduate Degree, Business Administration and Management, FinanceHumber College | 2021
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), Computer ScienceVellore Institute of Technology | 2019

About Me

Bhaskar Voleti

I have found a passion for working with ETL Data Pipelines with clients in North America and Europe across various sectors, generating business insights through Data Visualization. I am looking for full-time or part-time jobs in data analytics.

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