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MASSAOUDOU Namata Abdoul wahid

MASSAOUDOU Namata Abdoul wahid

Student in Economics Analalysis

universite clermont auvergne


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Data Analyst

As a seasoned economist and data analyst, I have honed my skills in econometrics and statistical analysis, proficiently utilizing tools such as R, Stata, and Eviews. I excel in extracting meaningful insights from complex datasets, transforming raw numbers into compelling stories that drive informed decision-making. With a strong foundation in economic analysis, I've conducted in-depth research during my tenure as a Research Assistant at the Economic Research Laboratory in Casablanca, Morocco. My work involved a comprehensive literature review, statistical analysis using R and Stata, and processing raw survey data to address the challenges of water management in household consumption. This experience has equipped me with the expertise to not only analyze data but to translate the findings into actionable narratives. My educational journey further underscores my commitment to data-driven storytelling. Pursuing a Master's Degree in Economic Analysis of Development and Project Management at Universite Clermont-Auvergne, I am constantly expanding my knowledge in the analysis of economic policies, an essential skill for crafting meaningful narratives in today's dynamic global landscape. Additionally, my leadership roles, such as serving as President of the organization for the 10th edition of the student scientific, sports, and cultural week, reflect my ability to communicate effectively and work collaboratively. These experiences have enhanced my analytical thinking and adaptability in diverse environments, essential qualities for a quantitative storyteller. In sum, I am not merely a data analyst but a quantitative storyteller who weaves narratives from numbers, drawing from a rich background in economics, statistical analysis, and a passion for meaningful communication. I bring a unique blend of analytical prowess and narrative finesse to any project, making me an ideal candidate for roles that demand turning data into powerful stories

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RDocumentation: data


Course notes: Analyzing Survey Data in R


Introduction to Data Visualization with ggplot2

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Research Centre in Applied Statistics and Economic Research | May 2023 - Jul 2023

Research Assistant

Conducted literature review, performed statistical analysis using R and Stata, and processed raw survey data related to water management challenges in household consumption.
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Magistère de sciences de gestion, Analyse de projets et Analyse économiqueUniversité Clermont Auvergne | 2024
Magistère Economie du developpement, Économie  · (septembreEcole d'Economie - CERDI | 2024
Master analyse politique économique , Economie  · (septembre 2021 - juilletUniversité Abdou moumouni Niamey | 2022
Licence en sciences économiques et de gestion , Economie et gestionUniversité Hassan II Aïn Chock de Casablanca | 2021
Baccalauréat, Serie CLycée d'excellence de niamey | 2018

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MASSAOUDOU Namata Abdoul wahid

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