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Wilfredo Rosales

Wilfredo Rosales

BI Specialist

Fairwinds Estate Winery


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Dr. Semmelweis and the Discovery of Handwashing

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Data Scientist

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Introduction to Python

Driving success in data projects, I've led transformative efforts in both corporate giants and agile startups, turning vision into reality. Currently, I spearhead a data initiative that empowers every facet of business, delivering a comprehensive data and process automation ecosystem in under a year.

My Work

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Live training | 2023-06-13 | Building AI Applications with LangChain and GPT


Competition - Supply Chain Analytics


Introduction to Image Classification in PyTorch (copy)

My Certifications

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Other Certificates

Catholic University of Chile Certificate in Big Data and Machine Learning

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My Work Experience

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Unicomer Group | Mar 2023 - Present

Regional Financial Services Coordinator

• Lead the development of new transaction channels, FINTECH initiatives, financial services, and regional commercial alliances • Designed and implemented technical solutions for workload management to improve SLA for Credit Evaluation • Managed the value-added services program in eight countries • Accomplishments: o Annual CAGR of over 20% for the value-added financial services o Successfully developed UNICOMER’s insurance program, third party collections and a third-party financing solution for our allied stores
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Fairwind Estate Winery | Jun 2022 - Present

Business Intelligence Specialist

• Design and lead the implementation of the company’s data strategy, developing the required data environment using Azure solutions and Databrick’s Lakehouse architecture • Leverage Azure tools to finalize the digital transformation of the company’s processes (reports, Dashboards, and systems integrations) • Participate in commercial and marketing activities both as information provider and strategist • Accomplishments: o Implementation of a Lakehouse architecture to solve the company’s data ingestion, transformation, and visualization requirements o Automation of business-critical procedures freeing up to 50% of the customer service capacity

Fairwinds Estate Winery | Jun 2022 - Present

BI Specialist

• Designed and led the implementation of the company's data strategy by creating a robust data environment using Azure solutions and Databricks' Lakehouse architecture. • Utilized Azure tools to drive the company's digital transformation, including the enhancement of reports, dashboards, system integrations, and API development. • Contributed to commercial and marketing activities by providing valuable information and strategic insights. • Accomplishments: o Implemented a cutting-edge Lakehouse architecture to address the company's data ingestion, transformation, and visualization needs. o Automated critical business procedures, resulting in a 50% increase in customer service capacity.

Unicomer Group | Apr 2021 - Jun 2022

Corporate Business Intelligence Consultant

• Developed Expected Credit Loss models and lead their adoption in credit operations and financial reporting • Developed automated pipelines using ORACLE SQL Databases to supply data for dashboards and other credit portfolio management tools, covering seventeen countries • Created customer clustering, product recommendation and purchase prediction models for sales activities • Accomplishments: o Standardization of KPI’s and business definitions across countries and corporate reporting tools o Automatic data pipeline development with daily updates vs previous once a month cadence o Increase of 30% in marketing campaign conversion in Honduras and Nicaragua

My Education

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Msc. in Banking and Finance in FinanceAlcala University | 2011
Bsc. in International Trade in International TradeTamkang University | 2010

About Me

Wilfredo Rosales

Experienced Data analyst with Data engineering abilities. I do view things more from the business side but am capable of creating a working data ecosystem from the ground up and delivering valuable data and automation solutions to any business.

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