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Na-Yun Lai

Na-Yun Lai


Master student

Purdue University


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Introduction to SQL

My New Certification

Data Analyst Associate

My New Certification

Data Scientist Associate

Analytical conductor, harmonizing data symphonies for actionable insights.

My Work

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Introduction to SQL


Data Analyst Associate

My Certifications

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Data Scientist Associate

Data Scientist Associate

Data Analyst Associate

Data Analyst Associate

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My Work Experience

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Corning Incorporated (Asia region) | Jul 2022 - Aug 2022

Quality Control Intern

Developed audio sensor to detect collisions or brokenglass during the production. Improve the quality architecture in the post-inspection line. Processed machine learning, decision tree, and statistic methods to analyze the threshold to classify normal and abnormal audio data. Even in a noisy environment, the accuracy and recall rate can be above 83%.
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National Taiwan University

Project assisstant

Analyzed different renewable energy technologies such as anaerobic digestion and photocatalysis digestion. Predicted biogas rate in the Bali Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project has been approved by the government.

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Research Study Assistant

Established database to store and present historical data. Produced reports to deliver the idea of the project and convinced the stakeholders to invest in the project.

Champion Environmental Engineering Consultant Company

Environmental Assessment Engineer

Evaluated more than 1000 environmental data and upcoming pollution problems such as analyzed chemicals NOx, SOx, in the air and DO, BOD5 in water. Led 3 projects about the construction in the nature-reserved area and examined air pollutants of the glass industrial factory and completed in 3 months.

My Education

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Graduate Student, Industrial Engineering/ Data Analysis  · (2021 年 8 月 - 2023Purdue University
Bachelor's degree, Bioenvironmental Systems EnvironmentNational Taiwan University | 2019

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