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Yuri Alencar

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Introduction to Python

Quantitative storyteller, weaving narratives through data analysis.

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Introduction to Python

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Freelance (Self employed) | Aug 2020 - Dec 2021

Account Manager

Main responsibilities: 1) My primary responsibility was to remain updated with the latest trends and best practices in the industry, as the guidelines from Facebook and Google undergo frequent changes. 2) Consistently monitored and optimized strategies based on online trends, conversations, and innovations to ensure maximum effectiveness. Conducted thorough analyses of website data, including traffic, interactions, conversions, and goals, to identify areas for improvement and increase conversion rates at 30% during the pandemic. 3) Created engaging and visually appealing paid client ads for diverse social media platforms, resulting in increased engagement and brand recognition. 4) Designed paid client ads to be used on diverse social media platforms, successfully tailoring each ad to maximize engagement and conversions on each specific platform.
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Ministério Público da União | Oct 2012 - Dec 2021

Administrative Technician

1) Organizational and Time Management Skills: 2) Ability to manage multiple tasks, prioritize effectively, and meet deadlines. 3)Ensuring efficient utilization of resources and maintaining an organized workflow. 4) Attention to Detail: Meticulous approach to work, consistently delivering accurate and precise results. 5)A keen eye for identifying patterns, trends, and insights in data analysis. 6) Thoroughness in interpreting information and making informed decisions. 7)Excellent verbal and written communication skills acquired through liaising with stakeholders in law and human resources. 8) Ability to effectively convey insights, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and present findings. 9) Analytical Thinking: Proficient in analyzing complex information and extracting meaningful insights, with the help of Excel and Google Sheets. 10)Ability to handle pressure, embrace new challenges, and deliver results under tight deadlines.

My Education

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Attestation of College Studies Degree, E-Commerce/Electronic CommerceTREBAS | 2024
Certificación Internacional de Evaluación , Lengua Española University of Buenos Aires | 2024
French StudiesQuebec Francization | 2023
Postgraduate Degree, Technology and InnovationInstituto New Law | 2021
Bachelor's degree Universidade de Brasília | 2015

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