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Yusuf Babatunde

Yusuf Babatunde

Data Scientist

General Compliance Limited


My Certifications

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Udemy Python for Data Science

Udacity Data analyst Nanodegree

Coursera IBM Data Science

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My Work Experience

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General Compliance Limited | Jan 2020 - Apr 2023

Data Scientist | Data Analyst | Machine Learning Engineer

• Built various classification and regression models using Sklearn libraries such as Decision Trees and random forest, Support Vector Machines, Linear regression, K nearest neighbors etc. to drive margin, revenue, and conversion. • Manipulating, cleansing, processing & validating large data (thousands to millions of records) using SQL, Pandas, NumPy, Python and Excel where applicable. • Carried out various data acquisition and manipulation methods which includes handling unclean data in unusual formats, converting data into usable form, aggregate and disaggregate data as needed. • Created complex visualization dashboards using Seaborn, Matplotlib, Plotly, and Tableau. • Successfully extracted, interpreted data to identify key metrics and draw conclusions. • Proposed solutions and developed reusable code and feature engineering components using Pandas, Python and Macros to improve system efficiencies, leading to a 25% reduction in operating costs. • Converted data into actionable insight by predicting and modelling future outcomes. • Optimized data collection procedures and generated reports on a weekly and monthly basis. • Successfully interpreted data in other to draw conclusions for managerial action and strategy. • Presented detailed reports each quarter to upper management • Analyzing big data, drawing conclusions & developing recommendations.
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General Compliance Limited | Oct 2015 - Jan 2020

Data Analyst

• Leveraged text, charts and graphs to communicate findings in understandable format • Analyzed large amounts of data to identify trends and find patterns, signals and hidden stories within data. • Used advance Microsoft Excel functions to create reports. • Improved operations through consistent hard work and dedication. • Completed routine data backups to safeguard and secure data. • Checking of supplied data for sense, consistency and accuracy. • Creating and following processes to keep data confidential. • Carrying out specified data processing and statistical techniques.

Payday Lottery(JP Vegas) | Jul 2015 - Oct 2015

System Administrator

• Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues. • Management of the operations, configurations, maintenance, troubleshooting of POS devices, computers and webpages. • Data entry, data auditing, creating data reports & monitoring all data for accuracy. • Performing daily system checks. • Develop expertise to train staff on new technologies. • Formatted spreadsheets and workbooks for print, document reproduction and presentations. • Completed routine data backups to safeguard and secure data. • Presented Data and conclusions to team in order to improve strategies and operations. • Used advance Microsoft Excel to create pivot tables and pivot reporting as well as using VLOOKUP functions. • Adopted cost-effective, useful solutions to implement into current systems. • Completed reports detailing network and systems performance and downtime issues. • Integrated and updated software products to boost system compatibility

World Health Organization | Jun 2015 - Jul 2015

END Process Monitor

• Worked as a team to assess the status of implementation of supplemental immunization activity and provide feedback to ward and local government level leaders. • Monitoring the immunization system. • Supportive supervision. • Preparing documentation and presenting progress reports to the Facilitators.

(NYSC) Oluyole Estate Grammar School | Apr 2014 - Jan 2015

Data Processing Teacher.


My Education

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AWS Machine Learning Nanodegree, Artificial Intelligence  · (AugustUdacity | 2021
BSc Computer Science, Computer ScienceUniversity Of Abuja | 2013
Udacity | Invalid Date

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Yusuf Babatunde

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