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Zain Refqi Assaf

Zain Refqi Assaf


AAUP | Jenin


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Intermediate SQL

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JavaScript Instructor

My New Article

President Of Women In Engineering Society

Data science: the art of extracting meaning from chaos.

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Hebron Code Competition


MERN Stack project


Book Recommendation Project


JavaScript Instructor


President Of Women In Engineering Society


IEEEXtreme Ambassador

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Gaza Sky Geeks Data Science

Bit Academy Full Stack Web Development

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Gaza Sky Geeks | Jun 2023 - Sep 2023

Data Scientist

Conducted Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on diverse datasets, such as house price prediction, to extract valuable insights. Gained proficiency in various machine learning techniques, including regression and classification, implemented across a variety of model types. •Acquired knowledge in data science design patterns, enabling me to develop robust and efficient data-driven solutions
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Foothill Solution | Oct 2022 - Mar 2023

Backend Web Developer

Design and develop backend projects using C#, .NET 6, and ASP.NET Core 6 MVC. Write and maintain unit tests to ensure code quality and prevent regressions. •Design and implement database schemas using SQL and Entity Framework Core. •Develop RESTful APIs using ASP.NET Web API.

Bit Academy | Jun 2022 - Oct 2022

Full Stack Web Developer

Design and develop full stack web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and Express. Implement responsive and user-friendly interfaces using JQuery and Handlebars. •Design and implement APIs using Mongoose and Express, and use postman to test and debug them.

My Education

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Bachelor in Computer Engineering Arab American University Palestine | 2024

About Me

Zain Refqi Assaf

A girl seeking to work to change the future of software in Palestine.

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