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Tobin Zolkowski

Tobin Zolkowski

Recent graduate

University of Wisconsin–Madison | Madison, Wisconsin, USA


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Telkomsel | Jul 2022 - Sep 2022

Data Analyst Intern

• Successfully completed a remote internship with Telkomsel, a top 10 Telco in Asia and the largest internet and mobile telecommunication company in Indonesia. • Conducted customer segmentation research that resulted in the development of a spatial analytics dashboard for a high-value subscription client, utilizing Tableau's bivariate choropleth maps. • Created data visualizations in Tableau Desktop for business KPIs, including determining the top five cities in terms of high-value customer subscribers and payload per subscriber. • Demonstrated proficiency in using Tableau Prep Builder as an ETL tool to collect, cleanse, and prepare data from various sources. • Developed calculated fields in Tableau Desktop to aid in project roadmap prioritization, considering bivariate rates, date parameters, revenue and subscriber growth, current and historical values, and a top five city index. • Identified significant business opportunities through analysis and produced a final report detailing work on dashboard development and computed fields for use in employee induction and development. • Demonstrated strong analytical and problem-solving skills through the completion of various projects and tasks during the internship.
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University of Wisconsin-Madison | Jun 2021 - Aug 2021

Data Manager Intern

• Enhanced the functionality and usability of the Academic Information Management website at the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Letters and Science, making it a one-stop-shop for users with inquiries about AIM or AIM products. • Ensured the accuracy and coherence of undergraduate curriculum and policy information on the AIM website, ensuring that L&S programs and operational systems were rational, data-driven, and efficient. • Assessed data requirements and identified existing data assets that satisfied business requirements for the L&S Student Academic Affairs division. • Verified adherence to data governance and policy requirements at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. • Made recommendations on data governance rules and processes to strengthen data privacy. • Recommended data privacy-related solutions for a data management system for the L&S Student Academic Affairs division. • Attended weekly meetings with the AIM dean to discuss data needs of the divisions and made recommendations for rules and processes consistent with applicable campus policies. • Documented a data management project and co-authored the university's final report, including the creation of an information security/ethics policy, a relational database design recommendation, and a data dictionary applicable to the data needs of the divisions. • Demonstrated strong analytical and problem-solving skills through successful collaboration on a data management project.

University of Wisconsin-Madison | Sep 2019 - Apr 2021

Information Technology Support Assistant

• Provided IT support to students, staff, and faculty at the McBurney Disability Resource Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, serving as the center for adapted technology experience and general-purpose technology expertise. • Oversaw transcribing and captioning services in real-time, coordinating time-sensitive events with instructors, sign language/captioning service providers, and students under multiple deadlines. • Utilized Adobe Acrobat to convert text into speech for blind students and others with reading disabilities. • Used Microsoft Access to prepare and arrange invoices for media captioning services and to notify instructors when their films had been captioned. • Researched and experimented with new technologies to make recommendations to McBurney leadership. • Demonstrated strong communication and work management skills through successful coordination of time-sensitive events. • Attended weekly/biweekly check-in meetings with McBurney leadership, demonstrating a commitment to professional development and teamwork.

NAvakara | Jul 2020 - Aug 2020

Web Content Manager Intern

• Interned remotely at an Indonesian environmental firm, promoting initiatives to decrease consumer waste and improve the efficiency of manufacturers. • Managed the planning, organization, development, and publication of all content for the company. • Demonstrated strong communication skills by working closely with the co-founder of NAvakara to manage content that would be beneficial to online shoppers. • Managed product images to attract customers and priced commodities before advertising them. • Maintained current content to keep customers informed of existing and new products. • Demonstrated strong organizational and planning skills by successfully managing content for the company. • Demonstrated an understanding of marketing principles through the pricing and advertising of commodities.

My Education

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Master of Science in Information ScienceUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison | 2022
Bachelor of Arts in International StudiesUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison | 2020

About Me

Tobin Zolkowski

Data-savvy problem solver with M.S. in Information Science and multilingual skills seeks to use analytical skills to generate innovative business solutions.

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