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Francisco Javier Carrera Arias

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Data Manipulation

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Data Visualization

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Probability & Statistics

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Machine Learning

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Applied Finance

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Case Studies

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R Programming

Learn about fundamental data types, logic, and how to create your own functions using the R language.

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Machine Learning Fundamentals

in R

Predict categorical and numeric responses via classification and regression, and discover the hidden structure of datasets with unsupervised learning.

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Data Scientist

with R

A Data Scientist combines statistical and machine learning techniques with R programming to analyze and interpret complex data.

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Data Analyst

with R

A Data Analyst collects, processes, and creates visualizations in order to gain insights from complex data sets.

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Machine Learning

with Python

Learn the art of science of Machine Learning and come away being a boss at prediction, pattern recognition and the beginnings of Deep Learning.

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Python Programming

Discover data structures like dictionaries and DataFrames, visualize data with matplotlib, and learn the art of writing your own Python functions.

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The Hottest Topics in Machine Learning
Use Natural Language Processing on NIPS papers to uncover the trendiest topics in machine learning research.
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Predict Taxi Fares with Random Forests
Use regression trees and random forests to find places where New York taxi drivers earn the most.
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A Network Analysis of Game of Thrones
Analyze the network of characters in Game of Thrones and how it changes over the course of the books.
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