Abhishek Byppanahally Nagaraja

Abhishek Byppanahally Nagaraja

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Importing & Cleaning Data

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Data Manipulation

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Data Visualization

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Probability & Statistics

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Machine Learning

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Applied Finance

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Case Studies

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Data Scientist

with R

A Data Scientist combines statistical and machine learning techniques with R programming to analyze and interpret complex data.

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Data Analyst

with R

A Data Analyst collects, processes, and creates visualizations in order to gain insights from complex data sets.

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Intro to Statistics

with R

Learn the key statistical concepts and techniques used by statisticians and data scientists every day.

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Naïve Bees: Image Loading and Processing
Load, transform, and understand images of honey bees and bumble bees in Python.
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A Network Analysis of Game of Thrones
Analyze the network of characters in Game of Thrones and how it changes over the course of the books.
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