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Dwayne Martin

Dwayne Martin

125,216 XP Earned
24 Courses completed
1,628 Exercises Aced

Dwayne's XP per Topic (Courses Only)


26395 XP

Importing & Cleaning Data

11455 XP

Data Manipulation

32087 XP

Data Visualization

8835 XP

Probability & Statistics

18613 XP

Machine Learning

7635 XP

Applied Finance

350 XP


9390 XP

Case Studies

7675 XP


185 XP

Dwayne's Completed Tracks

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Importing & Cleaning Data

with R

Learn how to parse data from flat files, statistical software, databases, websites, and more.

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Intro to Statistics

with R

Learn the key statistical concepts and techniques used by statisticians and data scientists every day.

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Dwayne's Completed Courses

Dwayne's Completed Projects

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Rise and Fall of Programming Languages
Analyze the relative popularity of programming languages over time based on Stack Overflow data.
Project image
Visualizing Inequalities in Life Expectancy
Compare life expectancy across countries and genders with ggplot2.
Project image
Drunken Datetimes in Ames, Iowa
Apply your skills from "Working with Dates and Times in R" to breathalyzer data from Ames, Iowa.
Project image
Introduction to DataCamp Projects
If you've never done a DataCamp project, this is the place to start!
Project image
Who Is Drunk and When in Ames, Iowa?
Flex your tidyverse muscles on breath alcohol test data from Ames, Iowa, USA.
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