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Exploring the Evolution of Lego (Unguided)

In this project, we will use data manipulation skills to zoom in on a time when Lego explored a new direction for their toy line!

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Project Description

In this unguided project, you will apply the skills learned in Data Manipulation with Python to explore Lego’s long-standing partnership with Star Wars. In particular, we will zero in on their use of licensed themes, and answer questions related to the success of Star Wars Lego themed sets!

We will use data adapted from the Rebrickable database, which includes data on every LEGO set that ever been sold; the names of the sets, what bricks they contain, what color the bricks are, etc.

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  • 1# Introduction
Justin Saddlemyer

Justin is a Canadian, and studied psychology in Amsterdam before moving to Leuven, Belgium to do his PhD in marketing at KU Leuven. [Follow Justin on LinkedIn](

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