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Automate Business Metric Reporting with DataCamp Workspace


Reporting on important business metrics on a regular cadence is a core responsibility of every analyst. Doing a terrific job here can be tremendously valuable to your team, but at what cost? Going through a bunch of manual steps every day or week to report on key performance indicators is time intensive and error prone.

Luckily, there’s a better way: you can leverage SQL, Python and DataCamp Workspace’s scheduling capabilities to automatically report on business metrics with insightful visualizations, saving you time and reducing errors in the process.

In this live training aimed at aspiring and active data analysts, we’ll showcase this workflow by reporting on bicycle sales and inventory data stored in Microsoft SQL Server data. At the end of this live training, you’ll have your own automatically updating business metrics report and the necessary skills to automate the boring parts of being an analyst.

Key takeaways

  • Learn the motivations for automating repetitive reporting tasks (saving time, reducing errors and facilitating data-driven decision making in your organization).
  • Learn how you can combine SQL and Python to build compelling visualizations based on data living in SQL databases.
  • Get familiar with DataCamp’s scheduling capabilities to run your notebooks on a regular frequency with next to no configuration.
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Filip Schouwenaars

Head of DataCamp Workspace

Data science educator and enthusiast, leading the development of DataCamp Workspace
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