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Data Science for Business Leaders

Karolis Urbonas, global head of data science and analytics at Amazon Alexa, speaks with Hugo Bowne-Anderson, data scientist and educator at DataCamp, about how business leaders need to think about data-driven and AI transformations in their organizations. They’ll discuss what type of value company-wide data fluency can create, what business leaders need to know about data analytics and data science to successfully incorporate these disciplines into their organizations, how to build high-performance data teams, and how to align an organization’s data function with long-term company strategy, among other topics. Wherever you happen to be on your transformation into a data-driven and AI-fluent business, this webinar will provide insight into the state-of-the-art, current trends, and calls to action for your next steps towards data fluency.

Hugo Bowne-Anderson Headshot
Hugo Bowne-Anderson

Head of Data Science Evangelism and Marketing at Coiled; Previously a Data Scientist at DataCamp

Karolis Urbonas Headshot
Karolis Urbonas

Global Head of Data Science and Analytics at Amazon Alexa

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