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Scaling AI Adoption in Financial Services


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely seen as key to the Finance industry’s transformation. Industry surveys, including one from the Bank of England, suggest that a majority of financial institutions have adopted AI in some form. Solutions for data preparation, model development, training and deployment have enabled a huge amount of experimentation. 

The challenge now is to move to the next level. How can organizations go beyond experimentation and small deployments to driving sustainable business value at scale? Making AI trustworthy, by addressing concerns such as a lack of explainability, issues with fairness/unjust bias, stability and over-fitting challenges, will be critical.

This webinar will provide an overview of the key challenges in making AI in Financial Services trustworthy, and how a combination of governance guardrails, technology advancements, and people/cultural changes can help address those challenges.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the extent of AI adoption in financial services today 

  • Understand the key barriers to adoption today, with a particular focus around the challenge of “trust in AI”

  • Explore regulatory initiatives in governing AI in financial services, and the practical ways in which firms can overcome the challenge

Adel Nehme Headshot
Adel Nehme

Data Science Evangelist at DataCamp

Shameek Kundu Headshot
Shameek Kundu

Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Financial Services at TruEra Inc.

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