String Manipulation in SQL

Join us for this hands-on training where you will do a deep dive into text/string manipulation functions available in PostgreSQL. The session uses a dataset that looks at short-term rentals in Cambridge, Massachusetts and we will look to answer questions like "Which neighborhood in Cambridge has the highest percentage of short-term rentals?" and "What is the most popular short-term rental service in Cambridge?"

What will I learn?

You will learn how to:

  • Manipulate and clean source data using functions to reformat and manipulate string and character data

  • Use string functions to extract subsets of text data that can be used to create new fields for your queries

  • Create user defined functions and use them in SQL queries

What should I prepare?

Please note, a Gmail account is required in order to use Colaboratory, a free Jupyter notebook environment. You can join the webinar from your web browser following the instructions you receive in your registration email. All required data/resources will be provided in the training.

Who should attend?

This course is open to all DataCamp Premium learners, looking to build SQL skills for manipulating data for reporting and analysis.

  • Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL

  • Intermediate SQL

  • Exploratory Data Analysis in SQL


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Brian Piccolo

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