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Intermediate SQL

Accompanied at every step with hands-on practice queries, this course teaches you everything you need to know to analyze data using your own SQL code today!

4 hours Data Manipulation Jasmin Ludolf Course

Data Analysis in Excel

Build real-world Excel skills in just 4 hours. This course will show you time-saving shortcuts and essential functions.

4 hours Data Manipulation Jen Bricker Course

Introduction to Data Engineering

Learn about the world of data engineering in this short course, covering tools and topics like ETL and cloud computing.

4 hours Data Engineering Vincent Vankrunkelsven Course

Sampling in Python

Learn to draw conclusions from limited data using Python and statistics. This course covers everything from random sampling to stratified and cluster sampling.

4 hours Probability & Statistics James Chapman Course

Intermediate Julia

Take your Julia skills to the next level with our intermediate Julia course. Learn about loops, advanced data structures, timing, and more.

4 hours Programming Anthony Markham Course

Data Visualization in Tableau

Data visualization is one of the most desired skills for data analysts. This course allows you to present your findings better using Tableau.

6 hours Data Visualization Maarten Van den Broeck Course

Introduction to Python

Master the basics of data analysis with Python in just four hours. This online course will introduce the Python interface and explore popular packages.

4 hours Programming Hugo Bowne-Anderson Course

Foundations of Inference in Python

Get hands-on experience making sound conclusions based on data in this four-hour course on statistical inference in Python.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Paul Savala Course

Anomaly Detection in Python

Detect anomalies in your data analysis and expand your Python statistical toolkit in this four-hour course.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Bex Tuychiyev Course

Supervised Learning with scikit-learn

Grow your machine learning skills with scikit-learn in Python. Use real-world datasets in this interactive course and learn how to make powerful predictions!

4 hours Machine Learning George Boorman Course

Understanding GDPR

Gain a clear understanding of GDPR principles and how to set up GDPR-compliant processes in this comprehensive course.

3 hours Other Shalini Kurapati Course

Analyzing Data in Spreadsheets

Learn how to analyze data with spreadsheets using functions such as SUM(), AVERAGE(), and VLOOKUP().

3 hours Programming Vincent Vankrunkelsven Course

Functions for Manipulating Data in PostgreSQL

Learn the most important PostgreSQL functions for manipulating, processing, and transforming data.

4 hours Data Manipulation Brian Piccolo Course

Introduction to Git

Familiarize yourself with Git for version control. Explore how to track, compare, modify, and revert files, as well as collaborate with colleagues using Git.

4 hours Programming George Boorman Course

Intermediate Spreadsheets

Expand your spreadsheets vocabulary by diving deeper into data types, including numeric data, logical data, and missing data.

4 hours Programming Richie Cotton Course

Machine Learning for Business

Understand the fundamentals of Machine Learning and how it's applied in the business world.

2 hours Machine Learning Karolis Urbonas Course

Intermediate DAX in Power BI

Discover a wide range of DAX calculations and learn how to use them in Microsoft Power BI.

3 hours Data Manipulation Maarten Van den Broeck Course

Financial Analysis in Power BI

Learn how to perform financial analysis in Power BI or apply any existing financial skills using Power BI data visualizations.

4 hours Data Visualization Nick Edwards Course

Data Governance Concepts

Gain an introduction to data governance, exploring its meaning, purpose, and how to implement a data governance framework.

2 hours Management Courtney E. Smith Course

Advanced Deep Learning with Keras

Build multiple-input and multiple-output deep learning models using Keras.

4 hours Machine Learning Zachary Deane-Mayer Course

Introduction to Portfolio Risk Management in Python

Evaluate portfolio risk and returns, construct market-cap weighted equity portfolios and learn how to forecast and hedge market risk via scenario generation.

4 hours Applied Finance Dakota Wixom Course

Time Series Analysis in PostgreSQL

Learn how to use PostgreSQL to handle time series analysis effectively and apply these techniques to real-world data.

4 hours Data Manipulation Jasmin Ludolf Course

Visualization Best Practices in R

Learn to effectively convey your data with an overview of common charts, alternative visualization types, and perception-driven style enhancements.

4 hours Data Visualization Nicholas Strayer Course

Machine Learning in the Tidyverse

Leverage the tools in the tidyverse to generate, explore and evaluate machine learning models.

5 hours Machine Learning Dmitriy Gorenshteyn Course

Building Recommendation Engines with PySpark

Learn tools and techniques to leverage your own big data to facilitate positive experiences for your users.

4 hours Machine Learning Jamen Long Course

Intermediate Portfolio Analysis in R

Advance you R finance skills to backtest, analyze, and optimize financial portfolios.

5 hours Applied Finance Ross Bennett Course

Introduction to PySpark

Learn to implement distributed data management and machine learning in Spark using the PySpark package.

4 hours Programming Nick Solomon Course

Introduction to Natural Language Processing in Python

Learn fundamental natural language processing techniques using Python and how to apply them to extract insights from real-world text data.

4 hours Machine Learning Katharine Jarmul Course

Intermediate Data Visualization with ggplot2

Learn to use facets, coordinate systems and statistics in ggplot2 to create meaningful explanatory plots.

4 hours Data Visualization Rick Scavetta Course

Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL

Learn how to analyze a SQL table and report insights to management.

4 hours Case Studies Bart Baesens Course

Data Transformation in Power BI

You’ll learn how to (un)pivot, transpose, append and join tables. Gain power with custom columns, M language, and the Advanced Editor.

3 hours Data Manipulation Maarten Van den Broeck Course

Intermediate Data Modeling in Power BI

Master data modeling in Power BI.

3 hours Data Manipulation Maarten Van den Broeck Course

User-Oriented Design in Power BI

Learn how to design Power BI visualizations and reports with users in mind.

3 hours Data Visualization Maarten Van den Broeck Course

Feature Engineering for NLP in Python

Learn techniques to extract useful information from text and process them into a format suitable for machine learning.

4 hours Machine Learning Rounak Banik Course

Trend Analysis in Power BI

Enhance your reports with trend analysis techniques such as time series, decomposition trees, and key influencers.

3 hours Data Manipulation Maarten Van den Broeck Course

Intermediate Importing Data in R

Parse data in any format. Whether it's flat files, statistical software, databases, or data right from the web.

3 hours Importing & Cleaning Data Filip Schouwenaars Course

A/B Testing in Python

Learn the practical uses of A/B testing in Python to run and analyze experiments. Master p-values, sanity checks, and analysis to guide business decisions.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Moe Lotfy, PhD Course

ARIMA Models in R

Become an expert in fitting ARIMA (autoregressive integrated moving average) models to time series data using R.

4 hours Probability & Statistics David Stoffer Course

Functions for Manipulating Data in SQL Server

Learn the most important functions for manipulating, processing, and transforming data in SQL Server.

4 hours Data Manipulation Ana Voicu Course

Modeling with Data in the Tidyverse

Explore Linear Regression in a tidy framework.

4 hours Probability & Statistics [email protected] Kim Course

Developing R Packages

Create and share your own R Packages!

4 hours Programming Aimee Gott Course

Case Study: Analyzing City Time Series Data in R

Strengthen your knowledge of the topics covered in Manipulating Time Series in R using real case study data.

4 hours Case Studies Lore Dirick Course

Introduction to A/B Testing in R

Learn A/B testing: including hypothesis testing, experimental design, and confounding variables.

4 hours Probability & Statistics DataCamp Content Creator Course

Bond Valuation and Analysis in R

Learn to use R to develop models to evaluate and analyze bonds as well as protect them from interest rate changes.

4 hours Applied Finance Clifford Ang Course

Predictive Analytics using Networked Data in R

Learn to predict labels of nodes in networks using network learning and by extracting descriptive features from the network

4 hours Probability & Statistics Bart Baesens Course

Feature Engineering in R

Learn the principles of feature engineering for machine learning models and how to implement them using the R tidymodels framework.

4 hours Machine Learning Jorge Zazueta Course

Reports in Power BI

Take your Power BI visualizations up a level with the skills you already have. Learn alternative data storytelling techniques to simply building dashboards.

3 hours Data Visualization Maarten Van den Broeck Course

Credit Risk Modeling in R

Apply statistical modeling in a real-life setting using logistic regression and decision trees to model credit risk.

4 hours Applied Finance Lore Dirick Course

Marketing Analytics for Business

Discover how Marketing Analysts use data to understand customers and drive business growth.

2 hours Management Sarah DeAtley Course

Introduction to Natural Language Processing in R

Gain an overview of all the skills and tools needed to excel in Natural Language Processing in R.

4 hours Machine Learning Kasey Jones Course
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