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Regular Expressions in Python

Learn about string manipulation and become a master at using regular expressions.

4 hours Data Manipulation Maria Eugenia Inzaugarat Course

Big Data Fundamentals with PySpark

Learn the fundamentals of working with big data with PySpark.

4 hours Programming Upendra Kumar Devisetty Course

Machine Learning for Time Series Data in Python

This course focuses on feature engineering and machine learning for time series data.

4 hours Machine Learning Chris Holdgraf Course

Merging DataFrames with pandas

This course is all about the act of combining, or merging, DataFrames, an essential part your Data Scientist's toolbox.

4 hours Data Manipulation Team Anaconda Course

Introduction to Deep Learning with PyTorch

Learn to create deep learning models with the PyTorch library.

4 hours Machine Learning Ismail Elezi Course

Preprocessing for Machine Learning in Python

In this course you'll learn how to get your cleaned data ready for modeling.

4 hours Machine Learning DataCamp Content Creator Course

Unit Testing for Data Science in Python

Learn how to write unit tests for your Data Science projects in Python using pytest.

4 hours Programming Dibya Chakravorty Course

Feature Engineering for Machine Learning in Python

Create new features to improve the performance of your Machine Learning models.

4 hours Machine Learning Robert O'Callaghan Course

Customer Analytics and A/B Testing in Python

Learn how to use Python to create, run, and analyze A/B tests to make proactive business decisions.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Ryan Grossman Course

Statistical Simulation in Python

Learn to solve increasingly complex problems using simulations to generate and analyze data.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Tushar Shanker Course

Software Engineering for Data Scientists in Python

Learn all about modularity, documentation, & automated testing to help you solve Data Science problems quicker and more reliably.

4 hours Programming Adam Spannbauer Course

Building Data Engineering Pipelines in Python

Learn how to build data engineering pipelines in Python.

4 hours Data Engineering Kai Zhang Course

Interactive Data Visualization with Bokeh

Learn how to create versatile and interactive data visualizations using Bokeh.

4 hours Data Visualization Team Anaconda Course

Analyzing Marketing Campaigns with pandas

Build up your pandas skills and answer marketing questions by merging, slicing, visualizing, and more!

4 hours Case Studies Jill Rosok Course

Introduction to Linear Modeling in Python

Explore the concepts and applications of linear models with python and build models to describe, predict, and extract insight from data patterns.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Jason Vestuto Course

Image Processing with Keras in Python

Learn powerful techniques for image analysis in Python using deep learning and convolutional neural networks in Keras.

4 hours Machine Learning Ariel Rokem Course

Cleaning Data with PySpark

Learn how to clean data with Apache Spark in Python.

4 hours Importing & Cleaning Data Mike Metzger Course

Sentiment Analysis in Python

Are customers thrilled with your products or is your service lacking? Learn how to perform an end-to-end sentiment analysis task.

4 hours Machine Learning Violeta Misheva Course

Dimensionality Reduction in Python

Learn to reduce dimensionality in Python.

4 hours Machine Learning Jeroen Boeye Course

Feature Engineering for NLP in Python

Learn techniques to extract useful information from text and process them into a format suitable for machine learning.

4 hours Machine Learning Rounak Banik Course

Advanced Deep Learning with Keras

Build multiple-input and multiple-output deep learning models using Keras.

4 hours Machine Learning Zachary Deane-Mayer Course

Intermediate Python for Finance

Build on top of your Python skills for Finance, by learning how to use datetime, if-statements, DataFrames, and more.

4 hours Applied Finance Kennedy Behrman Course

Analyzing Social Media Data in Python

In this course, you'll learn how to collect Twitter data and analyze Twitter text, networks, and geographical origin.

4 hours Data Manipulation Alex Hanna Course

Machine Learning for Finance in Python

Learn to model and predict stock data values using linear models, decision trees, random forests, and neural networks.

4 hours Machine Learning Nathan George Course

Model Validation in Python

Learn the basics of model validation, validation techniques, and begin creating validated and high performing models.

4 hours Machine Learning Kasey Jones Course

Improving Your Data Visualizations in Python

Learn to construct compelling and attractive visualizations that help communicate results efficiently and effectively.

4 hours Data Visualization Nicholas Strayer Course

AI Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of AI. No programming experience required!

4 hours Machine Learning Nemanja Radojković Course

Dealing with Missing Data in Python

Learn how to identify, analyze, remove and impute missing data in Python.

4 hours Data Manipulation Suraj Donthi Course

Machine Learning with PySpark

Learn how to make predictions with Apache Spark.

4 hours Machine Learning Andrew Collier Course

Credit Risk Modeling in Python

Learn how to prepare credit application data, apply machine learning and business rules to reduce risk and ensure profitability.

4 hours Applied Finance Michael Crabtree Course

ARIMA Models in Python

Learn about ARIMA models in Python and become an expert in time series analysis.

4 hours Machine Learning James Fulton Course

Winning a Kaggle Competition in Python

Learn how to approach and win competitions on Kaggle.

4 hours Machine Learning Yauhen Babakhin Course

Introduction to Predictive Analytics in Python

In this course you'll learn to use and present logistic regression models for making predictions.

4 hours Machine Learning Nele Verbiest Course

Importing and Managing Financial Data in Python

In this course, you'll learn how to import and manage financial data in Python using various tools and sources.

5 hours Applied Finance Stefan Jansen Course

Visualizing Geospatial Data in Python

Learn how to make attractive visualizations of geospatial data in Python using the geopandas package and folium maps.

4 hours Data Visualization Mary van Valkenburg Course

Introduction to Spark SQL in Python

Learn how to manipulate data and create machine learning feature sets in Spark using SQL in Python.

4 hours Data Manipulation Mark Plutowski Course

Parallel Programming with Dask in Python

Learn how to take the Python workflows you currently have and easily scale them up to large datasets without the need for distributed computing environments.

4 hours Data Manipulation Team Anaconda Course

Hyperparameter Tuning in Python

Learn to tune hyperparameters in Python.

4 hours Machine Learning Alex Scriven Course

Working with the Class System in Python

Learn the fundamentals of object-oriented programming: classes, objects, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, and others!

4 hours Programming DataCamp Content Creator Course

Recurrent Neural Networks for Language Modeling in Python

Use RNNs to classify text sentiment, generate sentences, and translate text between languages.

4 hours Machine Learning David Cecchini Course

Introduction to Portfolio Risk Management in Python

Evaluate portfolio risk and returns, construct market-cap weighted equity portfolios and learn how to forecast and hedge market risk via scenario generation.

4 hours Applied Finance Dakota Wixom Course

Supply Chain Analytics in Python

Leverage the power of Python and PuLP to optimize supply chains.

4 hours Machine Learning Aaren Stubberfield Course

Working with Geospatial Data in Python

This course will show you how to integrate spatial data into your Python Data Science workflow.

4 hours Data Manipulation Joris Van den Bossche Course

Customer Segmentation in Python

Learn how to segment customers in Python.

4 hours Machine Learning Karolis Urbonas Course

Introduction to Financial Concepts in Python

Using Python and NumPy, learn the most fundamental financial concepts.

4 hours Applied Finance Dakota Wixom Course

Introduction to Portfolio Analysis in Python

Learn how to calculate meaningful measures of risk and performance, and how to compile an optimal portfolio for the desired risk and return trade-off.

4 hours Applied Finance Charlotte Werger Course

Biomedical Image Analysis in Python

Learn the fundamentals of exploring, manipulating, and measuring biomedical image data.

4 hours Data Manipulation Stephen Bailey Course

Visualizing Time Series Data in Python

Visualize seasonality, trends and other patterns in your time series data.

4 hours Data Visualization Thomas Vincent Course

Case Studies in Statistical Thinking

Take vital steps towards mastery as you apply your statistical thinking skills to real-world data sets and extract actionable insights from them.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Justin Bois Course

Introduction to AWS Boto in Python

Learn about AWS Boto and harnessing cloud technology to optimize your data workflow.

4 hours Programming Maksim Pecherskiy Course
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