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Foundations of Inference

Learn how to draw conclusions about a population from a sample of data via a process known as statistical inference.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Jo Hardin Course

Introduction to Regression in R

Predict housing prices and ad click-through rate by implementing, analyzing, and interpreting regression analysis in R.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Richie Cotton Course

pandas Foundations

Learn how to use the industry-standard pandas library to import, build, and manipulate DataFrames.

4 hours Data Manipulation Team Anaconda Course

Pandas Joins for Spreadsheet Users

Learn how to effectively and efficiently join datasets in tabular format using the Python Pandas library.

4 hours Data Manipulation John Miller Course

Machine Learning with PySpark

Learn how to make predictions with Apache Spark.

4 hours Machine Learning Andrew Collier Course

Working with Dates and Times in Python

Learn how to work with dates and times in Python.

4 hours Programming Max Shron Course

A/B Testing in R

Learn A/B testing: including hypothesis testing, experimental design, and confounding variables.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Page Piccinini Course

Hierarchical and Mixed Effects Models in R

In this course you will learn to fit hierarchical models with random effects.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Richard Erickson Course

Introduction to Natural Language Processing in R

Gain an overview of all the skills and tools needed to excel in Natural Language Processing in R.

4 hours Machine Learning Kasey Jones Course

Designing and Analyzing Clinical Trials in R

In this course you will gain an overview clinical trial designs, determine the numbers of patients needed and conduct statistical analyses.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Tamuno Alfred Course
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