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Introduction to Python

Master the basics of data analysis in Python. Expand your skillset by learning scientific computing with numpy.

4 hours Programming Hugo Bowne-Anderson Course

Introduction to Data Science in Python

Dive into data science using Python and learn how to effectively analyze and visualize your data.

4 hours Programming Hillary Green-Lerman Course

Intermediate Python

Level up your data science skills by creating visualizations using Matplotlib and manipulating DataFrames with pandas.

4 hours Programming Hugo Bowne-Anderson Course

Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 1)

Learn the art of writing your own functions in Python, as well as key concepts like scoping and error handling.

3 hours Programming Hugo Bowne-Anderson Course

Python Data Science Toolbox (Part 2)

Continue to build your modern Data Science skills by learning about iterators and list comprehensions.

4 hours Programming Hugo Bowne-Anderson Course

Writing Efficient Python Code

Learn to write efficient code that executes quickly and allocates resources skillfully to avoid unnecessary overhead.

4 hours Programming Logan Thomas Course

Introduction to PySpark

Learn to implement distributed data management and machine learning in Spark using the PySpark package.

4 hours Programming Nick Solomon Course

Object-Oriented Programming in Python

Dive in and learn how to create classes and leverage inheritance and polymorphism to reuse and optimize code.

4 hours Programming Alex Yarosh Course

Writing Functions in Python

Learn to use best practices to write maintainable, reusable, complex functions with good documentation.

4 hours Programming Shayne Miel Course

Data Types for Data Science in Python

Consolidate and extend your knowledge of Python data types such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples, leveraging them to solve Data Science problems.

4 hours Programming Jason Myers Course

Working with Dates and Times in Python

Learn how to work with dates and times in Python.

4 hours Programming Max Shron Course

Software Engineering for Data Scientists in Python

Learn about modularity, documentation, and automated testing to help you solve data science problems more quickly and reliably.

4 hours Programming Adam Spannbauer Course

Big Data Fundamentals with PySpark

Learn the fundamentals of working with big data with PySpark.

4 hours Programming Upendra Kumar Devisetty Course

Unit Testing for Data Science in Python

Learn how to write unit tests for your Data Science projects in Python using pytest.

4 hours Programming Dibya Chakravorty Course

Practicing Coding Interview Questions in Python

Prepare for your next coding interviews in Python.

4 hours Programming Kirill Smirnov Course

Writing Efficient Code with pandas

Learn efficient techniques in pandas to optimize your Python code.

4 hours Programming Leonidas Souliotis Course

Introduction to AWS Boto in Python

Learn about AWS Boto and harnessing cloud technology to optimize your data workflow.

4 hours Programming Maksim Pecherskiy Course

Developing Python Packages

Learn to create your own Python packages to make your code easier to use and share with others.

4 hours Programming James Fulton Course

Python for R Users

This course is for R users who want to get up to speed with Python!

5 hours Programming Daniel Chen Course

Python for Spreadsheet Users

Use your knowledge of common spreadsheet functions and techniques to explore Python!

4 hours Programming DataCamp Content Creator Course

Python for MATLAB Users

Transition from MATLAB by learning some fundamental Python concepts, and diving into the NumPy and Matplotlib packages.

4 hours Programming Justin Kiggins Course

Command Line Automation in Python

Learn to automate many common file system tasks and be able to manage and communicate with processes.

4 hours Programming Noah Gift Course

Creating Robust Workflows in Python

Learn to develop a set of principles for your data science and software development projects.

4 hours Programming Martin Skarzynski Course

Investigating Netflix Movies and Guest Stars in The Office

Apply the foundational Python skills you learned in Introduction to Python and Intermediate Python by manipulating and visualizing movie and TV data.

45 minutes Programming, Data Manipulation... Justin Saddlemyer Project guided

Writing Functions for Product Analysis

Use coding best practices and functions to improve a script!

45 minutes Programming Lis Sulmont Project guided