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Intro to SQL for Data Science

Master the basics of querying tables in relational databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

4 hours Data Manipulation Nick Carchedi Course

Joining Data in SQL

Join two or three tables together into one, combine tables using set theory, and work with subqueries in PostgreSQL.

5 hours Data Manipulation Chester Ismay Course

Introduction to Relational Databases in SQL

Learn how to create one of the most efficient ways of storing data - relational databases!

4 hours Programming Timo Grossenbacher Course

Intermediate SQL

Master the complex SQL queries necessary to answer a wide variety of data science questions and prepare robust data sets for analysis in PostgreSQL.

4 hours Data Manipulation Mona Khalil Course

Introduction to SQL Server

Become proficient at using SQL Server to perform common data manipulation tasks.

4 hours Programming John MacKintosh Course

SQL for Exploratory Data Analysis

Learn how to explore what's available in a database: the tables, relationships between them, and data stored in them.

4 hours Data Manipulation Christina Maimone Course

Improving Query Performance in PostgreSQL

Learn how to structure your PostgreSQL queries to run in a fraction of the time.

4 hours Data Manipulation Amy McCarty Course

Intermediate SQL Server

In this course, you will use T-SQL, the flavor of SQL used in Microsoft's SQL Server for data analysis.

4 hours Programming Ginger Grant Course

Data-Driven Decision Making in SQL

Learn how to analyze a SQL table and report insights to management.

4 hours Reporting Bart Baesens Course

Improving Query Performance in SQL Server

In this course, students will learn to write queries that are both efficient and easy to read and understand.

4 hours Data Manipulation Dean Smith Course

Analyzing Business Data in SQL

Learn to write SQL queries to calculate key metrics that businesses use to measure performance.

4 hours Case Studies Michel Semaan Course

Writing Functions and Stored Procedures in SQL Server

Master SQL Server programming by learning to create, update and execute functions and stored procedures.

4 hours Programming Meghan Kwartler Course

Reporting in SQL

Learn to apply all the SQL concepts and functions you have learned in previous courses to build out your very own dashboard

4 hours Reporting Tyler Pernes Course

Time Series Analysis in SQL Server

Explore ways to work with date and time data in SQL Server for time series analysis

5 hours Probability & Statistics Kevin Feasel Course

PostgreSQL Functions for Manipulating Data

Learn the most important PostgreSQL functions for manipulating, processing, and transforming data.

4 hours Data Manipulation Brian Piccolo Course

SQL Server Functions for Manipulating Data

Learn the most important functions for manipulating, processing, and transforming data in SQL Server.

4 hours Data Manipulation Ana Voicu Course

Hierarchical and Recursive Queries in SQL Server

Learn how to write recursive queries and query hierarchical data structures.

4 hours Reporting Dominik Egarter Course

Transactions and Error Handling in SQL Server

Learn to write scripts that will catch and handle errors and control for multiple operations happening at once.

4 hours Data Manipulation Miriam Antona Course

Building and Optimizing Triggers in SQL Server

Learn how to design and implement triggers in SQL Server using real-world examples.

4 hours Data Manipulation Florin Angelescu Course

Analyze International Debt Statistics

Write SQL queries to answer interesting questions about international debt using data from The World Bank.

45 minutes Data Manipulation, Importing & Cleaning Data Sayak Paul Project

Introduction to DataCamp Projects

If you've never done a DataCamp project, this is the place to start!

45 minutes Data Manipulation, Data Visualization... David Venturi Project



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