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Linear Algebra for Data Science in R

This course is an introduction to linear algebra, one of the most important mathematical topics underpinning data science.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Eric Eager Course

Analyzing Election and Polling Data in R

Learn R for data science by wrangling, visualizing, and modeling political data like polls and election results.

4 hours Case Studies G Elliott Morris Course

Machine Learning for Marketing Analytics in R

In this course you'll learn how to use data science for several common marketing tasks.

4 hours Machine Learning Verena Pflieger Course

Nonlinear Modeling with Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) in R

GAMs model relationships in data as nonlinear functions that are highly adaptable to different types of data science problems.

4 hours Probability & Statistics DataCamp Content Creator Course

Fundamentals of Bayesian Data Analysis in R

Learn what Bayesian data analysis is, how it works, and why it is a useful tool to have in your data science toolbox.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Rasmus Bååth Course

Introduction to the Tidyverse

Get started on the path to exploring and visualizing your own data with the tidyverse, a powerful and popular collection of data science tools within R.

4 hours Programming David Robinson Course

Joining Data with dplyr

Learn to combine data across multiple tables to answer more complex questions with dplyr.

4 hours Data Manipulation DataCamp Content Creator Course

Optimizing R Code with Rcpp

Use C++ to dramatically boost the performance of your R code.

4 hours Programming Team ThinkR Course

Building Dashboards with flexdashboard

In this course you'll learn how to create static and interactive dashboards using flexdashboard and shiny.

4 hours Reporting Elaine McVey Course

Cluster Analysis in R

Develop a strong intuition for how hierarchical and k-means clustering work and learn how to apply them to extract insights from your data.

4 hours Machine Learning Dmitriy Gorenshteyn Course

String Manipulation with stringr in R

Learn how to pull character strings apart, put them back together and use the stringr package.

4 hours Programming Charlotte Wickham Course

Manipulating Time Series Data in R

Master time series data manipulation in R, including importing, summarizing and subsetting, with zoo, lubridate and xts.

4 hours Data Manipulation Harrison Brown Course

Visualization Best Practices in R

Learn to effectively convey your data with an overview of common charts, alternative visualization types, and perception-driven style enhancements.

4 hours Data Visualization Nicholas Strayer Course

Building Dashboards with shinydashboard

In this course you'll learn to build dashboards using the shinydashboard package.

4 hours Reporting Lucy D’Agostino McGowan Course

R For SAS Users

Learn how to translate your SAS knowledge into R and analyze data using this free and powerful software language.

4 hours Programming Melinda Higgins Course

Introduction to Natural Language Processing in R

Gain an overview of all the skills and tools needed to excel in Natural Language Processing in R.

4 hours Machine Learning Kasey Jones Course

Generalized Linear Models in R

The Generalized Linear Model course expands your regression toolbox to include logistic and Poisson regression.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Richard Erickson Course

Machine Learning with caret in R

This course teaches the big ideas in machine learning like how to build and evaluate predictive models.

4 hours Machine Learning Zachary Deane-Mayer Course

Introduction to Writing Functions in R

Take your R skills up a notch by learning to write efficient, reusable functions.

4 hours Programming Richie Cotton Course

Categorical Data in the Tidyverse

Get ready to categorize! In this course, you will work with non-numerical data, such as job titles or survey responses, using the Tidyverse landscape.

4 hours Data Manipulation Emily Robinson Course

Case Study: Exploratory Data Analysis in R

Use data manipulation and visualization skills to explore the historical voting of the United Nations General Assembly.

4 hours Case Studies David Robinson Course

Inference for Linear Regression in R

In this course you'll learn how to perform inference using linear models.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Jo Hardin Course

Network Analysis in the Tidyverse

Learn how to analyze and visualize network data in the R programming language using the tidyverse approach.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Massimo Franceschet Course

Factor Analysis in R

Explore latent variables, such as personality, using exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses.

4 hours Probability & Statistics Jennifer Brussow Course

Data Science for Social Good: Crime Study

Use data science to catch criminals, plus find new ways to volunteer personal time for social good.

45 minutes Data Manipulation, Data Visualization... William Connell Project guided

Exploring the Kaggle Data Science Survey

Discover the top tools Kaggle participants use for data science and machine learning.

45 minutes Data Manipulation, Data Visualization... Amber Thomas Project guided