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Machine Learning for Marketing Analytics in R

In this course you'll learn how to use data science for several common marketing tasks.

4 hours Machine Learning Verena Pflieger Course

Winning a Kaggle Competition in Python

Learn how to approach and win competitions on Kaggle.

4 hours Machine Learning Yauhen Babakhin Course

Cluster Analysis in R

Develop a strong intuition for how hierarchical and k-means clustering work and learn how to apply them to extract insights from your data.

4 hours Machine Learning Dmitriy Gorenshteyn Course

Introduction to Natural Language Processing in R

Gain an overview of all the skills and tools needed to excel in Natural Language Processing in R.

4 hours Machine Learning Kasey Jones Course

Designing Machine Learning Workflows in Python

Learn to build pipelines that stand the test of time.

4 hours Machine Learning Christoforos Anagnostopoulos Course

Machine Learning with caret in R

This course teaches the big ideas in machine learning like how to build and evaluate predictive models.

4 hours Machine Learning Zachary Deane-Mayer Course

Extreme Gradient Boosting with XGBoost

Learn the fundamentals of gradient boosting and build state-of-the-art machine learning models using XGBoost to solve classification and regression problems.

4 hours Machine Learning Sergey Fogelson Course

Feature Engineering for NLP in Python

Learn techniques to extract useful information from text and process them into a format suitable for machine learning.

4 hours Machine Learning Rounak Banik Course

Comparing Cosmetics by Ingredients

Process ingredient lists for cosmetics on Sephora then visualize similarity using t-SNE and Bokeh.

45 minutes Machine Learning, Data Manipulation... Jiwon Jeong Project guided