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Data Engineer with Python

In this track, you’ll discover how to build an effective data architecture, streamline data processing, and maintain large-scale data systems. In addition to working with Python, you’ll also grow your language skills as you work with Shell, SQL, and Scala, to create data engineering pipelines, automate common file system tasks, and build a high-performance database.
Through hands-on exercises, you’ll add cloud and big data tools such as AWS Boto, PySpark, Spark SQL, and MongoDB, to your data engineering toolkit to help you create and query databases, wrangle data, and configure schedules to run your pipelines. By the end of this track, you’ll have mastered the critical database, scripting, and process skills you need to progress your career.
Please note this track assumes a fundamental knowledge of Python and SQL.

  • Python
  • 95 hours
  • 25 courses
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Data Engineering for Everyone

Discover how data engineers lay the groundwork that makes data science possible. No coding involved!

2 hours
Hadrien Lacroix

Curriculum Manager at DataCamp


Hadrien Lacroix

Curriculum Manager at DataCamp

Vincent Vankrunkelsven

Data and Software Engineer @DataCamp

Amany Mahfouz

Data scientist via spatial analytics and geography.

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