Building an In-House Data Academy

Key Takeaways:
  • A deep dive into the key benefits of data literacy for businesses, including improved decision making, increased efficiency, enhanced competitiveness, and more. 
  • Best practices in effectively communicating the value of data literacy to your organization
  • Practical strategies for building a business case for data literacy, including identifying key stakeholders and leveraging industry research and benchmarks
Thursday, February 9, 11 am ET

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In September 2019, McKinsey urged organizations to create in-house "data academies" to improve their employees' data literacy and prepare them for a data inundated world. Now more than ever, organizations are seeking ways to develop and retain a workforce with the necessary data skills, and internal data academies stand out as an effective method for scaling data competencies.  

In this webinar, we will cover the key steps for building an internal data academy, including defining an learning paths, securing executive support, scaling learning communities, and more. We will also showcase examples from DataCamp for Business customers, who have achieved success with their own internal data academies. 

Presenter Bio

Adel Nehme Headshot
Adel NehmeData Science Evangelist at DataCamp

Adel is a Data Science educator, speaker, and Evangelist at DataCamp, where he has released various courses and live training on data analysis, machine learning, and data engineering. Adel is passionate about spreading data skills and data literacy throughout organizations and the intersection of technology and society. He has an MSc in Data Science and Business Analytics. In his free time, you can find him hanging out with his cat Louis.

Yashas Roy Headshot
Yashas RoyLearning Solutions Architect at DataCamp

Yashas is a Learning Solutions Architect at DataCamp, where he helps DataCamp's business customers build out their learning programs by mapping the data skills they are looking to develop across different teams into DataCamp learning pathways that support the development of those skills. In his prior role, he led DataCamp's Content Development team in building out DataCamp's course library from 50 to 250 courses. Yashas has a background in Statistics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he also developed a passion for educational technology and data science that eventually led him to DataCamp.