Live Code-Along: Introduction To Workspace Teams

Key Takeaways:
  • What is DataCamp Workspace
  • Code-along:
  • Create an assignment notebook
  • Create a new workspace from the assignment
  • Invite others to collaborate on the workspace
  • Publish the workspace

Monday, March 28, 10 AM ET

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On the 28th of Mach, join our live code-along with Filip Schouwenaars who will give a deep dive into Workspace and how you can do more together with our enhanced in-browser notebook. First, Filip will explain what is DataCamp Workspace, followed by a code-along—including creating an assignment notebook, creating a new workspace from the assignment, real time collaboration, and much more.

Presenter Bio

Filip Schouwenaars Headshot
Filip SchouwenaarsVP of Engineering - Workspace at DataCamp
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Filip is the passionate developer behind several of DataCamp's most popular Python, SQL, and R courses. Currently, Filip leads the development of DataCamp Workspace. Under the motto 'Eat your own dog food', he uses the techniques DataCamp teaches its students to understand how users learn on and interact with DataCamp. Filip holds degrees in Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.