Transforming an Organization: How a DataCamp Licence Evolved Allianz’s Learning Culture and Data Analytics Skills

Key Takeaways:
  • The ins and outs of designing a high-priority, global learning program in a complex organization 
  • Operational insights to consider, and what to look for inside your organization and in your external partners when rolling out a data upskilling program
  • The success factors behind rolling out a virtual, scalable and self-managed learning solution in times where learners are both used to and overwhelmed with virtual offers
  • How DataCamp is contributing to the Learning Evolution at Allianz
Tuesday, September 27, 11 am ET

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In 2021, Allianz partnered with DataCamp to provide learning opportunities in data analytics and literacy for all employees. Since then, more than 6000 Allianzers have spent 27,319 hours and earned 38,308,635 experience (XP) points on the DataCamp platform.

The Data Analytics Academy at Allianz is responsible for this global rollout. In this webinar, Marcela Schrank Fialova, Head of the Data Analytics Academy at Allianz, will share with you the journey of rolling out a global data upskilling program. From the ins and outs of the DataCamp partnership to the strategy behind their learning and analytics transformation, join this session to learn, discuss, and exchange on how to scale learning within your organization. 

Presenter Bio

Marcela Schrank Fialova Headshot
Marcela Schrank FialovaHead of Data Analytics Academy at Allianz

Marcela is an international senior Human Resource professional with a Masters degree in Psychology. She has held a variety of both expert and leadership positions in the people side of business success, ranging from operations to change management and strategy. Most recently she has been focusing on capability building in AI, data analytics and digitalization.

Philipp Reber Headshot
Philipp ReberAccounting Specialist at Allianz

Philipp is an accounting specialist working for Allianz Austria. Joining Allianz and learning about the possibilities in data science education, Philipp immediately signed up for the available upskilling programs, as he is a firm believer that his field will change drastically, and he believes data science will be the foundation of this change. Philipp wants to be one of the drivers of this change and build the future for finance in Allianz.