The Modern Data Stack: Driving Value with Data

Key Takeaways:
  • The role of the modern data stack in driving outcomes with data
  • The hallmarks of modern data tooling, and how it enables data teams to focus on value
  • Why tooling and architecture only are not enough to drive value with data 
Wednesday, December 7, 10 am ET

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As organizations of all sizes continuously look to drive value out of data, the modern data stack has emerged as a clear solution for getting insights into the hands of an organization’s people. With the rapid pace of innovation not slowing down, the tools within the modern data stack have enabled data teams to drive faster insights, collaborate at scale, and democratize data knowledge.

However, are tools just enough to drive business value with data?

Join Yali Sassoon, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder at Snowplow Analytics, as he outlines the role of the modern data stack in any data-driven organization, the hallmarks of modern data tooling, how data teams can stay focused on value, and more. 

Presenter Bio

Yali Sassoon Headshot
Yali SassoonCo-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Snowplow Analytics

At Snowplow, Yali gets to combine his love of building things with his fascination of the ways in which people use data to reason; something he cultivated when studying his BA in Natural Sciences and MPhil in the History and Philosophy of Science, and further developed as a Strategy & Operations Consultant (at PwC, Bestshore and Keplar LLP) and a Data Analyst at OpenX.