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Engineering Retrieval Augmented Generation Applications for the Enterprise with Pinecone

Key Takeaways:
  • Learn how to create a simple RAG application using Pinecone.
  • Learn how to architect your application to make it enterprise-ready.
  • Learn how to use Pinecone tools to manage data privacy and access control.
Tuesday, July 30 11AM ET
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Retrieval Augmented Generation is a critical component of search and chatbots. By using vector databases like Pinecone, you can retrieve facts to improve the quality of your results. In an enterprise scenario, there are more considerations. Where you put your data, how you control access, and how you monitor the quality of your results all become essential.

In this session, Roie, a Staff Developer Advocate at Pinecone, shows you how to build an enterprise-quality RAG application. You'll build a simple application while learning about enterprise RAG architecture: how to use namespaces, how to control access to your data, and how to measure performance.

Presenter Bio

Roie Schwaber-Cohen Headshot
Roie Schwaber-CohenStaff Developer Advocate at Pinecone

Roie Schwaber-Cohen, Staff Developer Advocate, has an 18-year background in software development and architecture with a specialization in Big Data and AI. His areas of interest include agent interaction and reasoning. A significant part of his work involves bridging the gap between the Python and TypeScript/JavaScript worlds in the field of AI. As a developer advocate, he regularly shares his work through his articles and demos for Pinecone.

Away from work, Roie plays and composes music and hosts a book club focused on Marvin Minsky’s “The Society of Mind.”

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