How data governance enables scalable data science

Key Takeaways:
  • Why data governance culture enables data democratization and strengthens organization-wide trust in data
  • The challenges and benefits of scaling data governance throughout the organization
  • Best practices when operationalizing data governance programs
Thursday, May, 6th, 11:00am ET

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In data literate organizations, everyone has the access and the skills they need to work with data to make better decisions. No one department hoards the data, as data is democratized. With data democratization, all parts of a business, from the CEO to analysts, are equipped to make data-driven decisions. To achieve data democratization, data quality, and governance are crucial. Data governance can provide clarity to users about the data and help minimize business risk from data privacy laws. Data users can have confidence that the data they are using to make decisions is as expected. In this webinar, Aaren Stubberfield will outline the challenges and opportunities of data governance, and best practices organizations should look to adopt when starting out their data governance journeys.

Presenter Bio

Aaren Stubberfield Headshot
Aaren StubberfieldManager of Data Governance and AI at Ingredion Inc.

Voted by his employer Ingredion Inc. as 2019 Professional of the Year in an organization of over 11,000 employees, Aaren Stubberfield is a Data Science professional and online course author. With a diverse background, including Sales, R&D, Procurement, and Supply Chain, Aaren now holds the title of Manager of Data Governance and AI. He is responsible for playing a pivotal role in Ingredion's strategy around data governance and leading a team of developers to deliver AI and machine learning projects. After receiving a master's in Predictive Analytics from DePaul in 2015, Aaren used his experience and expertise to develop courses in "Supply Chain Analytics" and "Joining Data with pandas" on DataCamp, with over 14,000 students have participated in these courses.