Manage Data Science Projects Effectively

Key Takeaways:
  • How to build a strong data science foundation within your organization
  • How to deploy solutions and find problems worth solving by working with experts
  • How to better define your projects so your solutions are even more useful
Thursday, September 23, 11:00 AM ET

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If you lead a data science team, you’ve seen projects hit some common roadblocks. Your team can’t get the data they need or they are struggling to get a good model in front of customers. Even worse, you’ve built out a solution to find no one cares about it. All these problems have a common solution: the power of collaboration. 

There are people in your organization that can help you find the most important problem to solve and what a good solution looks like. There are people that can get you the data you need. There are people that can integrate your solution into something people can use and enjoy. In this webinar, Brian Campbell, Engineering Manager at Lucid Software, will unpack best practices in data science project management, and how to harness the power of collaboration for effective, scalable, and successful deployment of data projects.

Presenter Bio

Brian Campbell Headshot
Brian CampbellEngineering Manager, Internal Engineering at Lucid Software

Brian Campbell is currently an Engineering Manager at Lucid Software, where he leads the companies Data Science and Engineering efforts. From helping a 3-person marketing department configure Google Analytics to being the tech lead on custom streaming-analytics solutions, he’s built up Lucid’s data ecosystem through many stages of growth. He’s grateful for the many friends he’s made in every department along the way. When not behind a keyboard, he can be found digging in his garden or at the library with his daughter.