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Unleash the Power and Profit of a Data + People Strategy

Key Takeaways:
  • There are no winning strategies without a basis in data
  • Data and business strategies are both useless without the people to champion decision-making and actions
  • Zipping up the cultural divide between data teams and business practitioners is crucial for driving outcomes with data
Thursday July 13, 11am ET
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Rapid improvements in data and technology are driving the potential for businesses to accelerate learning and growth at break-neck speeds. But as we’ve witnessed, success is only achieved when we can evolve our actions at an equal pace.

The current cultural divide between business and data teams is so wide and distrustful that few companies are reaping the benefits of data. Instead, many CXOs still do not see ROI on their data investments. So what’s the winning formula for leveraging data using today’s technology? A data strategy that puts people at the center. Or simply get decision-ready data into the hands of people who will use it. These people will contextualize insights and take actions, but they need help to accomplish it.

In this session, we’ll talk about how to drive sustainable profits by unleashing the power of a Data + People Strategy. Let’s bridge the divide with a culture of continuous innovation and feedback.

Presenter Bio

Beth Bauer Headshot
Beth BauerFounder and CEO, PosiROI — EX- Merck/MSD, US Commercial Leader: Data Strategy, Management, Innovation & Enablement

Beth Bauer is an innovative big data expert with over 30 years of experience. She has successfully helped 26 Fortune 300 companies, generating billions of dollars in returns. As the CEO of PosiROI, Beth shares her valuable insights on maximizing returns through strategic data utilization. Beth has led large teams in the pharmaceutical industry and as a consultant, covering various aspects of the data lifecycle, including business consulting, statistics, coding, contracting, privacy, and governance. Her specialty lies in rapidly synthesizing and solving problems at the intersection of data, people, and technology. Beth excels in building high-performing teams, fostering a culture of continuous innovation, and creating trust through shared purpose and value. She holds a BS in psychology and professional writing with a minor in statistics from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as an MS in Applied Statistics from Rutgers University.

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