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Workspace Publication Competition

Submit your Workspace publication by September 3 for your chance to win a $500 Amazon gift card and a DataCamp subscription—$900 in total value!

What can you win?

Prizes will be distributed to the top five entries based on the judging criteria outlined below.

$500 Amazon gift card and a one year Premium DataCamp subscription
$300 Amazon gift card and a one year Premium DataCamp subscription
$200 Amazon gift card and a one year Premium DataCamp subscription
One year Premium DataCamp subscription
One year Premium DataCamp subscription

How to get started

Ready to showcase your coding skills? This competition is your chance!

You have until Friday, September 3 at 12 PM EST to create your most insightful analysis using Workspace, our in-browser tool to write, run, and publish data analyses. Once you've created your publication, you'll need to submit it for review.


Choose one of two datasets made available


Conduct your analysis in R or Python


Create an insightful analysis


Publish your work


Submit your publication

Judging criteria

  • Documentation on the goal and what was included in the analysis
  • How the question was approached
  • Visualisation tools and techniques utilized
  • How the results derived related to the problem chosen
  • The ability to trigger potential further analysis
  • How "out of the box" the analysis conducted is
  • Whether the publication is properly motivated and adds value

Enter the competition

To to be eligible for the competition, you can choose to analyze one of the following:

Dataset #1

Internet News and Consumer Engagement

Analyze your way through a dataset that includes insight on user engagement with news articles from all over the world.

Start with Python Start with R

Dataset #2

Loan Data

Analyze data from about 10,000 loans from several kinds of borrowers.

Are you ready to submit your publication?

Submit Your Publication

Inspiration to help you get started

People playing basketball

NBA Shooting Data

This dataset consists of the analysis of four NBA players, and their results in the NBA playoffs.

Juan Araujo Headshot
Juan Araujo
Photo of a building

Education Inequality Project

This project seeks to find whether and how socioeconomic factors affect U.S. high school performances on the ACT or SAT exams.

Richard Pallangyo Headshot
Richard Pallangyo
Screenshot of a line chart

What's in a name

Explore a dataset to see baby name trends in the U.S. over the past 100 years and identify which are the most popular names

Ramnath Vaidyanathan Headshot
Ramnath Vaidyanathan
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